10 Benefits of Steam Rice for Beauty

Looks beautiful and has always been a desire of women. Beautiful appearance is not only demonstrated by the healthy and smooth skin. But the natural beauty more preferred. There are various ways to obtain such a beauty treatment at the beauty salon or doctor. But, did you know that, in fact natural beauty can be obtained in a way that is easy and inexpensive.

The secret is to steam the rice. Steam rice became one of beauty ingredient that has been used since the days of the ancestors.
Why Steam Rice Beneficial For Beauty?
Steam rice is one of the natural therapy to cure various types of skin diseases and make the skin more beautiful. The rice is cooked in water to produce steam in the form of smoke and water droplets in the form of very small particles. In any steam coming from rice containing ingredients high in antioxidants.
In addition, the steam rice allantonin also contain compounds that function as anti-inflammatory. Even in the steam rice also contains several other compounds result from the split vitamins, minerl and protein in rice.
Here are some benefits of steam the rice that you can get.
1. Treating Acne
Acne is a very disturbing for all women. Even teenagers often feel frustrated if affected by acne because it will ruin the taste of confidence. To get rid of acne and skin care acne can then use the steam rice. Warm steam rice will help cleanse the pores so that all the dirt and bacteria can go all out.
After that, the acne will shrink or remove dirt. Apply steam rice into the facial acne. Keep warm conditions to suit the condition of acne. If completed then wash your face with cold water. Do this 2-3 times a week.
2. Overcome Being Dull Skin Soft
Dull skin will make you look less attractive. Dull skin should look like skin nutritional deficiencies. This condition usually causes the skin to become more frequent dry and sunny. To overcome this, could use therapy or spa with steam rice.
Benefits of rice steam for beauty can improve blood circulation in the face. If the blood circulation smoothly and circulation of air in the pores goes well then the skin will look more soft and supple.
3. Maintain Natural Moisturizing Skin
The skin is less humid will look drier. Some women also complain about wrinkles on the skin around the eyes and lips. Less skin moist is also difficult to be treated with healthy skin such as for the use of makeup. So adolescents and women will wear a moisturizing cream ingredients. However, if the material does not match the type of moisturizing the skin it can cause illness or other complaints.
For that you can use rice steam to provide natural moisture. Steam rice contains the appropriate heat and drain some of the compounds of the rice that serves to help maintain moisture.
4. Overcoming Oily Skin
Oily skin are also more difficult to care. Oily skin tends to be more susceptible to some face problems such as acne, dark spots and other problems. Oil production in the glands under the skin is usually highly redundant network so that the oil continues to come out of the pores.
Dirt on the face also cause blockage so that the skin becomes more sensitive. To overcome this it can be put on steam rice that can improve blood circulation and support the process of working on the glands under the skin. Excessive oil production can be stopped and the skin becomes more beautiful.
5. Overcoming Premature Aging Effects
The effects of premature aging generally appear in women or men who are older than 30 years. 30 years early will usually appear black spots, acne, wrinkles and skin tight. This condition is influenced by the production of hormones and skin frequently exposed to oxygen free radicals.
Benefits of rice steam for beauty has a role to help overcome the effects of premature aging. Steam rice overcome dead cells that accumulate on the skin so that the effects of premature aging can be treated early. Therapy or spa with steam rice are strongly advised to address this problem of premature aging.
6. Cleaning Face
Clean the face becomes routine is essential to prevent various types of skin problems. However using cleansers and moisturizing ingredients that are not in accordance with the skin type or too many contain chemicals can cause acne, blemishes and dark spots.
You can overcome this problem by cleaning the face of the steam rice. Put the face with freshly cooked rice steam. The content of natural starch and compounds in rice steam can remove the dirt naturally and can make the skin smoother.
7. Skin Tightening
Steam rice has excellent benefits for skin tightening. Less taut facial skin will look dull and prone to acne. Meanwhile steam the rice produced from rice cooked starch-containing aroma powerful and efficacious to make the skin tissue becomes firmer. It also can help overcome the depletion layer of collagen in the skin.
8. Minimized Pores
The pores are too large would normally make a person become less confident. Even large pores usually will be more visible when using solid makeup and tabor. To overcome the problem of large pores then can use the steam rice.
Benefits of steam the rice for beauty will provoke circulatory system so that it can help closing the pores are too open. Steam rice also help overcome inflammation of the skin that prevents infection from the skin pores.
9. Make Ageless
Steam rice contains antioxidants that are good ingredients to keep skin looking more youthful. Protein, minerals and vitamins that produce compounds of steam rice can also skin problems.
Even skin that wrinkles will be one issue for all women. Steam rice can make the skin become softer and supple.
10. Cure Eczema
Other properties of steam the rice is to treat eczema. Eczema is one of the issues that most commonly affects the skin on the hands and feet, especially on the joints. But all the women always feel embarrassed when exposed to eczema and eczema usually also cause severe itching.
To treat eczema with steam rice then place a special towel to absorb the steam coming out of pemanci rice cookers. After the towel becomes warm and moist, the paste on the affected skin eczema. Perform this treatment for several times until the eczema get better.
Hint therapy with Steam Rice
To get the maximum benefits of steam rice, follow of the tips:
  1. Use rice naturally without using drugs so that the steam produced does not contain chemical compounds.
  2. Use pot rice cooker so steam produced is more stable.
  3. Cook one to two cups of rice a rice steam therapy.
  4. Make sure the temperature and location of faces in accordance with the position so as to maximize results.
  5. Perform therapy for one to three times a week in accordance with the level of complaints.
  6. Clean your face with a towel that has been soaked in cold water after the completion of therapy.
Efficacy steam rice is excellent for beauty was proven long ago. Even in antiquity parents using a mask of rice soaking water to nourish the skin beauty. Potential steam the rice does not contain chemicals that could make beautiful natural white skin without causing side effects.

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