14 Benefits Of Cauliflower For health – Pregnancy – Beauty

Cauliflower is often called the cauliflower is one vegetable that has benefits galore for our lives. Actually cauliflower is almost similar to the benefits of broccoli, but there is a difference both in terms of taste, texture and content.

Maybe this time we assume cauliflower contains only the colors white, but actually there are varieties of cauliflower are not white are broccoflower that has green, cauliflower purple for substances anthocyanins, and cauliflower color orange is considered to have A higher vitamin content than white cauliflower, such as the benefits of carrots.

The Content of Cauliflower

Cauliflower has many health benefits, pregnant women as well as beauty, because cauliflower deliver more nutrients outstanding, of which contains the benefits of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), folate, benefit of vitamin K and vitamin B6. In addition, there are several other vitamins but in small concentration, such as vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and the benefits of vitamin E (alpha tocopherol). Not only vitamins in cauliflower also include the content of important minerals such as calcium, benefits of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese without harmful cholesterol. In addition cauliflower is also a source of protein, omega-3 benefits, as well as fats and natural sugars.

Next we will discuss about the benefits owned by cauliflower, by taking it regularly is believed to impact both on ourselves, especially in the health and beauty.

For Health

1. Maintaining a healthy heart
Cauliflower contained within the content of vitamin K that are anti-inflammatory. By taking the blood circulation in our body will be smooth and healthy. There was also a glucoraphanin compounds that act as guardians of the blood vessels that are not clogged. With heart health so we’re awake and not easily attacked by the disease.

2. Strengthen bones
Vitamin C contained in cauliflower is very good in terms of producing collagen, which is able to protect the protect the joints and bones from damage due to inflammation. Not only that vitamin K is in it is very good in preventing the loss or reduction of bone mass, either for men or women.

3. Improve the performance of the brain
It turned out that by eating cauliflower, then the intelligence of your brain will increase, due to the form of cauliflower contains choline and phosphorus are effective in improving the power of the cell membrane in order to maintain the function of the brain and nervous system connecting the signal. There was also the content of the form of potassium and vitamin B6 are very effective in maintaining the health of our brain.

4. Overcoming stroke
A lot of research that says that vegetables and fruits which have white flesh is very effective to cure stroke. Cauliflower belongs to the white-fleshed vegetable section. In cauliflower contained allicin compounds that can help cleanse the liver and the blood, so the chances of having a stroke is very small.

5. Treating diabetes
For those of you who are suffering from diabetes, it is advisable for you to eat cauliflower. Because of the cauliflower are potassium that can help in regulating the metabolism of glucose in the blood. other than that potassium is also able to stimulate the pancreas to mensekresika the hormone insulin to take action in lifting the excess sugar in the body. In addition to potassium, vitamin B6 is in the cauliflower is very effective in improving the body’s glucose tolerance in diabetic patients.

6. Strengthen the immune system
Cauliflower is a vegetable that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that reinforce the immune. Aside from being a good antioxidant, cauliflower also contains vitamin C that can prevent various kinds of infections and strengthen the body’s defense mechanism to inhibit the growth of germs or bacteria that cause disease.

7. Coping with cancer

In cauliflower there is a chemical compound called indole 3 carbinol, a compound is thought to prevent the growth of cancer cells as it works as an anti estrogen. Cancers that can be prevented with cauliflower, among others, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer.

8. Overcoming constipation
If you often suffer from constipation should immediately consume cauliflower, because vegetables are rich in fiber which is good for the body and can reduce cholesterol levels so that you are safe from constipation.

9. Digestion
Cauliflower has a relatively high fiber content that can help maintain healthy digestion and smooth and increase expenditure toxins from the body. The presence of glucosinolatecompounds, glucoraphanin and sulforaphane on cauliflower protects the lining of the stomach or digestive organs from the attacks of germs and bacteria.

For Beauty

1. Counteracting ultraviolet radiation

For those of you who like to travel to the beach and other such. You do not have to fear the sun. You can ward off ultraviolet radiation by simply consuming cauliflower regularly. Components sulforaphane contained in cauliflower is very effective in protecting the skin from damage from ultraviolet radiation, are like inflammation, skin cancer and cell damage.

2. Slimming body

The ideal body and slim is the need for a woman to look beautiful. Therefore for those of you who may have more weight, you can lower it by eating cauliflower. Compounds in these vegetables are indoles, which have anti-obesity effect. In addition cauliflower also help stimulate thermogenesis to burn fat and prevent obesity.

3. Ageless

Wrinkles and premature aging is a disgrace for a woman. Therefore for those of you who want to always look younger, you can consume cauliflower regularly, because the content of antioxidants in it is believed to ward off free radicals cause the onset of the signs of premature aging

For Pregnant Women

1. Provide good nutrition for infants
For pregnant women are advised to consume cauliflower regularly because it is very good for the health of the fetus, this is due to the content of nutrients for the fetus in cauliflower like folate, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C

2. Streamlining the process of birth
By eating cauliflower regularly able to improve the durability of the mother and the baby, so that when the mother’s contractions will not work too hard because the baby was also helping his mother by doing push.

Cauliflower Side Effects

That’s some of the benefits that exist in the cauliflower. Despite the many benefits that we get from eating cauliflower, we should not go overboard in using it, because cauliflower have side effects for users is excessive, among other things

Abdominal gas

Carbohydrates contained in cauliflower is very complex and can not be solved completely preformance digestive tract. The bacteria that will eat the rest of the carbohydrates that have not been broken down, which can cause bloating and gas come out smelling like hydrogen and carbon dioxide.


In cauliflower contain a substance called purine, these substances are harmful if consumed in excess, because it will split purines into uric acid in the body.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic another name. For those of you who consume excessive cauliflower will have allergies. Allergies that will occur as swelling in the body, hives and shortness of breath.

For that those of you who want to feel the benefits and the favorable effects of cauliflower, then eat regularly and with sufficient doses do not go overboard.

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