4 Benefits of Green Bean for Diet Fast and Secure

Nowadays a lot of people who are obese or overweight. This phenomenon has mushroomed as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise and poor eating habits are also a major factor in the proliferation of this phenomenon. But actually it is easy to overcome obesity that plague our bodies. With regular exercise and maintain your diet alone is enough to tackle obesity.

Yes, with our diet can overcome weight problems that haunt our minds. There are plenty of diet menu, but we shall see this day was green beans. Why green beans?As it turns green beans have many benefits to the diet. The following will be reviewed on the benefits of green beans to the diet.

The green beans are green crops that can be processed into a variety of delicious menu. The green beans are known widely in the tropics. The green beans have many benefits and become one of the important food in Indonesia. Green beans contain high protein and can be a diet for people who are to lose weight. Why can of green beans into the diet? Due to the green beans have many benefits for the body in the process of weight loss. Here are some benefits of green beans to the diet.

1. Lose weight
People who are on a diet will keep the weight under tight so we need to maintain the intake absorbed by the body. Because of these tight controls, usually a lot of people who will be trying hard to hold appetite so many people who diet will suffer and fail due to not being able to restrain his appetite. This can be overcome by eating green beans, because the green beans are high in fiber. This high fiber will help people starve because of high fiber is able to make people full longer. This will certainly suppress food intake into the body so that the diet can proceed smoothly. Besides the green beans also had higher levels of healthy fat and can reduce blood cholesterol.

2. Helps digestion
In addition to reducing food intake, diet can also be done by removing the excess of food reserves in the body. Therefore, digestion becomes an important part in this matter. Due to high fiber green beans, the green beans helps the digestive organs to digest food better. So the process of disposal of food waste will be smooth and does not accumulate in the body. This course will help the diet to achieve an ideal body weight.

3. Helps maintain energy metabolism and helps the formation of the body’s cells.

When diet usually people would do exercise to burn excess fat. At this point the body will be depleted by excess energy so the body will weaken. In addition, reduced food intake will make the body become weaker as well. Here, the role of green beans needed. Green beans helps the formation of energy in the body that are needed in the process of exercise and diet. Besides green beans also helps the body to form the body’s cells. It will certainly benefit people who go on a diet because during exercise the muscles will be more easily formed with the help of green beans.

4. Helps absorb nutrients
Research reveals a deficiency of vitamin B makes emptying of the stomach and intestines time more than two-fold. This will affect the absorption of nutrients and allows the nutrients are not absorbed properly. Mung bean sprouts have enzymes that help the absorption of nutrients in the body so that the dieter will still get enough nutrients even though food intake is reduced. Besides preventing the accumulation of dirt in the stomach and intestines.

That’s some of the benefits of green beans for people who are dieting. The green beans have many benefits because the content in the case of green beans were so good for the body. Here are some of the content of green beans that are beneficial to the body:

  • Protein, green beans are a source of vegetable protein are high. The protein content in green beans ranged 7gr by 100gr. In addition, protein in the green beans have a complete amino acid.
  • Rich in fiber, the fiber content of 7,6gr green beans per 100g green beans. This shows that the green beans have met the needs of our body’s daily fiber by 30%. Fiber helps prevent constipation and digestion.
  • Low carb, carbohydrate contained in green beans comparatively low ie 19gr by 100gr. It is a fairly low figure and well taken for the diet and body muscle building program.
  • Healthy fats, fatty acids contained in green beans are omega 3 (0,9gr / 100gr) and omega 6 (119mg / 100g). The fatty acid is a fatty acid that is useful for lowering cholesterol in the blood.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, green beans contain high levels of folic acid and vitamin B are quite high, around 0,2gr by 100gr. Besides green beans also contain other B vitamins such as riboflavin, B6, pantothenat acid, and niacin. Green beans also contain a high mineral. There potassium (266mg), phosphorus (99mg), manganese (48mg), calcium (27mg), magnesium (0,3mg), iron (1.4 mg), zinc (0,8mg), and selenium (2,5mg).
  • Rich in active enzymes, green beans germinated have active enzymes good for the body. Enzymes such as amylase is very good for absorption and energy production. This enzyme will break down at temperatures above 40 degrees celcius. So it is highly advisable to not cultivate green beans with too high a temperature.

Thus the content of the green beans were so rich. No wonder if the green beans have many benefits, especially for those of you who diet program. Diet alone may do also note the origin of nutrients needed by the body, green beans could be a solution to your diet. Hopefully this article useful and thank you.

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