6 Benefits of Honey For Pregnant Women and Babies

Pregnant women should know the benefits of honey for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a special condition for the life of women. Besides mentally, pregnancy also brings physical changes for women. One was so susceptible to the disease because the body adjust to the presence of the fetus in the mother’s womb.

When pregnant, a woman must pay attention to the intake of food he consumes. Pregnant women should choose nutritious foods that can be beneficial for him and her fetus. Every pregnant woman should know which foods are beneficial and which are less healthy. Honey is a type of food that has good nutrition and beneficial for pregnant women.

Some Kind Benefits of Honey For Pregnant Women
Honey is a food that is well known by because it provides many benefits for people who consume them. Honey is also known internationally as an herbal remedy that is useful to health.
The following will discuss some of the benefits of honey for pregnant women:
# 1. Honey has a natural antibiotic effect
Benefits of honey for pregnant women that this one is very useful for the health condition of pregnancy. The body of a pregnant women experience some changes, one of which is becoming susceptible to infectious diseases. Because they have to adjust to the fetus that is present in the fetus, the body’s defense system ‘loosen’ the rules to attack germs. Pregnant women also should not take the drug without consulting a doctor carelessly because it feared could endanger the life of the fetus.
Honey may help the body to kill bacteria. This effect can be utilized so that a pregnant woman not prone to infection. If any are infected pregnant women can be quickly recovered from his illness. Honey itself is a natural substance which according to research is a food that is safe for pregnant women.
# 2. Treat heartburn because of heartburn
Honey was found to reduce burning or discomfort in the gut caused ulcer disease. Pregnant women are vulnerable often experience uncomfortable feelings in the pit of the stomach. This is normal because the state of hormone changes during pregnancy. Gastric acid is what causes discomfort and burning in the solar plexus area.
One of the benefits of honey for pregnant women is to relieve heartburn. The way you just have to mix 1 tablespoon of honey into a glass of milk. After stirring until blended, drink the milk. Honey will not add nausea in pregnant women because it only gives a sense of sweeteners to the milk. Drink this drink every time you feel pain in the gut.
# 3. Reduce nausea and vomiting or morning sickness in pregnant women
Nausea which usually follow the condition of pregnancy a woman really annoying and can inhibit the activity of pregnant women. Nausea is also dangerous because it can decrease the appetite of pregnant women. Though eating adequate amounts is an important requirement for maintaining the condition of pregnancy. Vomiting – vomiting is also a bad thing especially when vomiting in the number and frequency of the lot. If not treated, vomiting can cause dehydration or lack of fluid in pregnant women. Even when severe, the situation can be put pregnant women at the hospital.
Eliminates the sensation of nausea and vomiting are the benefits of honey for young pregnant women. With the consumption of honey, a sensation of nausea caused by pregnancy hormones are suppressed and not make the mother vomiting – vomiting. Pregnant women should consume honey that is mixed in water or when it would be also mixed with a glass of milk.
# 4. Kill Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that harm the stomach
Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that can infect humans and is in the stomach. These bacteria can cause chronic heartburn or do not heal. Chronic ulcer disease is certainly not beneficial for pregnant women because it can make nausea and vomiting is more pronounced and give the sensation of pain in the gut.
Fortunately, the benefits of honey for pregnant women one of which is that it can help kill bacteria that can protect and help heal the ulcer disease of pregnant women
# 5. Reduces allergic reactions
Allergy is a condition that can be very annoying at once irritating. Allergic conditions can occur anywhere, for example in the respiratory tract will cause the symptoms of sneezing, nasal itching and stones, in the skin can cause itching – itching and bumps, in the digestion can cause diarrhea, and many kinds again. Arising allergy symptoms during pregnancy are harmless, but annoying and confusing mother for fear taking allergy medication.
Benefits of honey for pregnant women one of them is able to decrease allergic reactions to things that can trigger allergy symptoms. So, besides avoiding things that make your allergy symptoms appear, you can also treat it with regular honey.
# 6. Relieve cough and sore throat
As already mentioned above that pregnant women can not be carelessly taking drugs – drugs for fear of bringing unwanted side effects for the baby that she carried. In fact, cough and sore throat is a common disease.
Honey can be used to relieve cough and sore throat. It’s easy, you can swallow 1 tablespoon honey cough and sore throat so quickly disappear.
Are There Benefits of Honey for Babies?
After learning many uses of honey, you might also ask – ask whether honey can also provide the same benefits for the baby who has been born. Moreover, the effect of honey has anti-bacterial and anti-allergy beneficial for the baby’s condition is still susceptible to infection and develop allergies
Unfortunately, honey is not recommended for consumption by infants under 1 year. Why is that?
Honey is a natural and unpasteurized turned out to contain a spore bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Even from this research, which has been pasteurized honey also still be able to contain the spores. The good news, the spores are ingested by adults and children over 1 year will not cause disease. These spores will not get into the body of the fetus through the placenta. However, the spores can cause a disease for infants less than 1 year.
Thus, delaying honey to infants aged less than 1 year is important to prevent the disease botulism in infants.
It turns out the benefits of honey for pregnant women and useful enough to support the health condition during pregnancy. Provide one bottle of honey in your home in order to enjoy the taste and benefits of honey. But remember to delay giving honey to your baby because it may cause unwanted diseases. Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon in pregnancy.

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