6 Benefits of potatoes for a healthy diet

Potatoes are one of the basic foodstuffs. Even in Europe itself, potato used as a substitute for the staple food. Latin name Solanum tuberosum, the potato tuber belongs to the Solanaceae tribe. Part consumed in potato tuber is on his rod. The benefits of potatoes not only can you use as a food ingredient alone. Even for those of you who are on a diet, the potato can you make as a solution. When potatoes are believed to be one of the effective solutions to reduce weight. Lots of important content in the potato is very helpful program your diet.

In the 300 grams of boiled potato with skin, then there are at least a fat content of 0.3 grams, 5.6 grams protein, as well as the calories around 261. But if you peel it first before boiling, then potatoes can lose protein content of 0.5 g. However good you are boiled together with the skin or not, fats and calories will not change. Natural sugar content and fiber in the boiled potatoes are also high about 2.6 grams and 5.4 grams.

In addition, the content of boiled potatoes also have a variety of vitamins in it. There is a vitamin B complex is very helpful in the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B complex is also useful buffer down fats and carbohydrates in the body and unravel the energy derived from protein. At least one piece of boiled potatoes can become the body’s requirement of vitamin B6 per day. Boiled potatoes also had higher levels of vitamin C is high enough.

Besides being rich in vitamins, potatoes are also rich in trace minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. The three types of these minerals is helping to keep the nerve tissue and muscle function and bone. Consumption of boiled potatoes can cover about 1/4 of the body’s need for potassium in a day.

Due to the large content of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the body, so many are making potato menu mainstay diet program. Well here are some of the benefits of potatoes to the diet.
Consuming carbohydrates as a daily food menu will allow you to keep hunger. This is because carbohydrates are high enough that it is very effective to help keep hunger.

2. Eliminate Fat
Benefits other potatoes is to eliminate the levels of fat in the body. This is because the potatoes will absorb the fat in the body and release it in the form of feces.

3. Satiety Longer
The calorific content present in the potato is quite high, about 261 calories. In addition, the starch in the potato is also highly enough to satisfy your stomach that makes you not desirous of taking other foods.

4. Provide Energy
Consuming potatoes can be useful as a source of energy that will help the success of your diet program. This energy can help your activities daily. So even if you only consume potatoes, you will not feel weak all day.

5. Facilitate Digestive System
Another benefit is, eating potatoes can help you to launch the digestive system. This is because the fiber content in the potato can help the digestive system in the body.

6. Keeping the Body Stay Fit
Vitamin content is quite diverse as vitamin C and vitamin B6 was able to assist your body to keep fit and fresh.

Diet Tips Using Chips

Because of the many benefits available, the potato is highly recommended to be included in your daily diet. Well here using potato diet tips that you can use.

  • Prepare about 3 potatoes
  • Rinse but do not peel the crust
  • Boil until cooked. Afterwards, you peel potatoes.

You can consume it directly or process them into specific food. But remember, the potatoes should be boiled not fried. Fried potatoes will increase the levels of fat in it. Besides boiling, you can also cultivate potatoes on baking. Well how are keen to try it? You can make the potatoes instead of rice. However, the limit of consumption also need to consider. You can make the potatoes as a distraction from the rice so that you do not have to continue to consume potatoes.

For diabetics, diet should avoid using potatoes, because the content is quite high glycemic index.

May the above information can be useful for you. Be sure to consume in accordance with the existing dose and do not be excessive. Good luck.
1. Can Resist Hunger


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