9 Products that aren’t worth buying in the supermarket

To make your food basket more useful and economical, you should exclude these 9 items from it.

Most of the products from the supermarket are not only expensive, but also unhealthy. And if you are looking for a way to cut down on food costs, while increasing the usefulness and nutritional value of your diet, then you will do very right if you refuse the products from the list below.

Yoghurts with dyes and fragrances

This yogurt is made from natural milk and leaven, which contains the necessary amount of useful microorganisms. However, on the shelves of conventional supermarkets, you can often find a product that is made from dried milk and flavored with all sorts of synthetic additives, fragrances and preservatives. Therefore, yogurts, which the manufacturer allows to consume for longer than 7 days, are simply a useless dessert.


Sweets harm our skin, shape and teeth. If you can not give them up completely, buy only high-quality chocolate sweets with a high content of cocoa.

Sliced ​​cheese and sausage

They have a lot of salt and saturated fats, and there is absolutely no fiber useful for digestion.

Confectionery products with trans fats

Trans fats are chemically modified vegetable oils, which are used to increase the shelf life of cakes, cakes and muffins. Doctors believe that they can be dangerous to health.

Juices in packets

 The benefits of natural juices for the body is huge, but do not look for these juices in packages sold in the supermarket. At best, you will be sold nectar – a mixture of concentrate and water, in which vitamins and minerals can not be found under a microscope.

Ready-made salads

Ready-made salads are sold in many stores, and salads of Korean cuisine – in all markets. But you do not know anything about the sanitary conditions of their preparation, so you risk your own health.

Tea and coffee in bottles

American scientists have found that the use of ready-made tea, packaged in bottles, is dangerous for the kidneys. Experts believe that dehydration in combination with the consumption of cold tea from bottles increases the risk of kidney stones, especially in people who are inclined to it. In addition, bottled drinks contain as much sugar as normal soda.

Baking without gluten

If you do not suffer from celiac disease-gluten intolerance, buying such baking does not make any sense. It usually has a lot of sugar, salt and trans fats to improve the taste.

Low-fat products

As a rule, milk products, milk, cream, kefir, yoghurt, cheeses and cottage cheese are more often defatted. According to American scientists, low fat foods can pose a serious threat to the cardiovascular system: regular consumption of low-fat food reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and negatively affects the coagulability of blood.

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