8 Benefits Leaves Mangosteen For Health

The mangosteen fruit may already be familiar to your ears is not it? Moreover, since the discovery of the benefits of the mangosteen peel phenomenal making the popularity of the mangosteen fruit has increased dramatically. The mangosteen fruit has another name in the community is that as the queen of fruits. This is because in the scar there are petals that resemble a crown. The color of the mangosteen fruit is also very pretty purple and white contents clean. Hence the mangosteen fruit is known as the queen of fruits.

But did you know that in the mangosteen fruit is not only skin deep and that can be used by humans for health but also other parts namely mangosteen leaves. Yes indeed probably many of you who do not know the benefits of mangosteen leaves this because it is not widely used. but now that the herbal medicine like, people are finding out the benefits of the mangosteen leaves it even more and more.

Benefits of mangosteen leaves

Mangosteen is a horticultural plant belonging to the plant stem and can be regarded as old plants. Mangosteens can not bear fruit any time seasonal alias. Therefore to get the mangosteen fruit can not every time but wait until harvest time mangosteen. Mangosteens typically will bear fruit after 5 years of planting. To get the mangosteen fruit you can find it easily in the fruit shop nearby.

But for the mangosteen leaves you do not need to wait until harvest time arrives for mangosteen can be picked at any time. it’s just that mangosteen is not much to grow as people plant mango tree or so to get it was to be extra because usually there in the mangosteen plantation.

So what are the benefits of mangosteen leaves this? see more of the following:

1. Prevent Cancer
The benefits are well known from mangosteen leaves are able to help prevent the growth of cancer cells. There are different types of cancer that can be prevented by this mangosteen leaves, such as colon cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer. Cancer is a very serious type of disease and should not be allowed because it can cause death. Triggers cancer could be due to a variety of internal factors such as abnormalities in genes or it could be due to external factors eg because food and unhealthy environmental conditions.

In addition to avoiding all trigger the growth of cancer, you can also eat the leaves of mangosteen as a supplement herbal cancer preventive safe and healthy. you can provide for you and your family as well.

2. Lose weight
Well for those of you who are currently in a weight loss program or diet, this is when you try to use the services of mangosteen leaves. In the mangosteen leaves are substances that are capable of reducing fat quickly so the weight can be decreased very quickly as well. In addition soursop leaves also will provide extra energy for you so that you will not easily feel tired and hungry and minimize your eating each day.

Proper diet is a key element of the diet in order to succeed. So you do not have to worry about when trying to lose weight is not if there is a solution herbs are safe and effective in losing weight.

3. Reduce pain
Other benefits of the mangosteens leaves that you should know is able to serve as relievers or pain reduction. The pain can vary from different types of diseases like the only pain, back pain, chest pain and more. the benefits of the mangosteen leaves which is of course very beneficial for your health is not it? Or if you’re feeling the pain of a toothache can also be relieved by using this mangosteen leaves.

4. Enhance the immune system

In the leaves of mangosteen are catechins compound which is a natural antioxidant substances for the body and its functions to ward off free radicals. Claimed that this substance more potent counteract the free radicals than vitamin C and vitamin E. so by taking this mangosteen leaves, your health will be increased and you became sick. Moreover currently free radicals are rampant due to a variety of pollutants that exist today.

5. Overcoming high blood pressure
High blood pressure is a condition where there is blockage in the coronary arteries resulting in blood flow is not smooth and makes the heart beat faster than usual. If the heart rate is not controlled, the heart muscle will weaken and eventually the heart can not pump anymore. That is why experts say that high blood pressure is a disease that kills slowly and usually not recognized by the sufferer.

In the mangosteen leaves are compound that can dissolve the fat in the blood vessels so that blood flow to be smooth. High blood pressure is usually due to the fats that clog arteries. because that people who have excess weight is not good for health.

6. Coping with diarrhea
Other benefits of the mangosteen leaves are for treating diarrhea. This recipe has been done by people since ancient times. If you are currently experiencing back and forth to the bathroom then you should try a decoction of the leaves of mangosteen to cope. Do not forget to get the maximum results you should also drink the ORS, adequate rest and sufficient water intake. May indeed seem trivial but it is to help your healing process from diarrhea.

7. Overcoming cholesterol
Cholesterol is a scourge of many people today. a relatively new disease known is quite dangerous especially no symptoms are exhibited significantly so most sufferers only know when the symptom is severe enough. Buildup of cholesterol is too much in the blood vessels can be caused by a lot of good for the body mechanism is not the maximum or due to unhealthy eating patterns.

Leaves mangosteen has the ability to shed fat in the blood, cholesterol is too loose. This is certainly a good news for you is not it? You can consult with your doctor in advance when it will consume mangosteen leaves as a companion medical treatment of diseases of cholesterol you have.

8. Overcoming eye fat
Fat that accumulates in the eyes can cause various types of eye diseases, one of which is an eye minus or farsightedness. Eye abnormalities minus would be very distressing for the sufferer can not see objects that are far enough and should use aid under the lens. However, the use of glasses allegedly considered it could increase the amount minus an eye. Therefore, the best solution is to do a treatment that could prevent the causes of eye minus.

One of the preventive measures that can be used is to use the help of mangosteen leaves. It has been widely demonstrated by people with eye minus. You can eat the leaf extract of mangosteen are now also sold in the market. If you want to eat, you can consult with your eye doctor whether it is safe or not.

That’s eight benefits of mangosteen leaves are highly nutritious for the health of the human body. You can get the full benefit by eating the herb from mangosteen leaves this routine.

How to prepare Leaf mangosteen

Once you know what are the benefits of the mangosteen leaves maybe you wondered how you could eat the leaves of mangosteen as an herbal remedy. Nowadays mangosteen leaves fame has not been able to match the mangosteen rind so that the products on the market was still limited but already existing.

  • Water boiled mangosteen leaves

You can also make a decoction of the leaves of the mangosteen that is by making the water decoction of the leaves of mangosteen. The trick is very easy, you just have to prepare as much as three sheets of mangosteen leaves and then boiled with 2 cups water to a boil. Once cooked then strain and drink while still warm. If you do not like the taste, you can add sugar, honey, bay leaves and lemon grass in order to produce a good flavor and fragrant aroma. Eat on a regular basis so that results can be maximized.

  • Leaf extract of mangosteen

In addition you can get on the market, you can also create your own. The means used are not difficult. You just have to hang mangosteen leaves to dry completely and then mash until smooth and completely smooth using traditional collision or the help of a blender. The mangosteen leaf extract can you drink with wrapped capsules or brew into herbal drinks such as tea or coffee. This method is considered more practical and tasty.

Thus it is that a review of the benefits of the mangosteen leaves that you should know, may be useful for those of you who are currently in the disease.

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