8 Benefits of Moringa Leaf For Diabetes Mellitus

Moringa leaf or known by any other name “Miracle Tree” is one of the leaves are very famous and phenomenal for efficacy and its benefits for the body.

The benefits of Moringa leaves are already quite well known is able to launch breast milk as well as healthy food intake for babies over six months. The benefits of Moringa leaves for diabetes that is currently being widely discussed, but is it true?

The content of Moringa leaves are good for diabetes

Let us examine more deeply what the content contained in this Moringa leaves and why it is good to treat diabetes? As it is known that diabetes is a disease caused by excess sugar levels in the body. the cause of diabetes is an assortment of nothing because of heredity or DNA where indeed there are abnormalities or organ pancreas hormone insulin from birth, there is also caused because of unhealthy lifestyles such as eating foods containing high sugar, causing insulin is malfunctioning.

The content of nutrients in the leaves of Moringa complete enough so it has great benefits for the health of the body. it has even been studied by health and nutrition experts. Here is the content that is in Moringa leaves and why it is good to cope with diabetes.

1. Beta-carotene
Beta-carotene is a compound found in vitamin A which is very good for the body. Moringa leaves are very rich in beta-carotene even larger four-fold compared to the content of beta-carotene in the carrots. So if you currently take beta-carotene or vitamin A is quite a lot, consume Moringa leaves only.

2. Calcium
In addition to beta-carotene, small leaves also have a very high calcium content. according to research calcium content in the leaves of Moringa 25 times higher than that in the spinach. Wow, a fact which greatly surprised us all right?

3. Antioxidants
According to the research that has been done, in Moringa leaves have at least 50 types of antioxidants that are good for protecting the body against free radicals and disease. So the content of antioxidants present in Moringa leaves have more than exist in the other leaf yes. so even though the size is very small but do not underestimate its benefits.

4. Oleic acid
Oleic acid is an acid that does not need to undergo the process of digestion to be absorbed by the body more quickly absorbed and used by the body. Oleic acid is good for diabetics because it can be used as the main essential nutrients, especially if consumed regularly.

5. Vitamin A
Other deposits in the Moringa leaves are very high in vitamin A. The vitamin A content in Moringa leaves equivalent to the content of vitamin A in carrots. For those of you who have diabetes retinopathy which usually capable of causing blindness can consume Moringa leaves regularly. Besides other benefits of vitamin A is to strengthen the cornea of ​​the eye and also reduces the inflammation that causes the degeneration of cells in the eye.

6. Vitamin C

The people with diabetes are those with disorders of the hormone insulin. Normalizing insulin hormone can actually be helped by vitamin C intake is sufficient. it can not fully restore normal hormone insulin but can help people with diabetes to not worsen the insulin. Moringa leaves contain vitamin C is quite high, equivalent to 7 times the vitamin C contained in citrus fruits. This course is very good for the pancreas organ that produces insulin and regulates hormones.

7. Ascorbic acid
Ascorbic acid contained in the Moringa leaf is very good to help the process of secretion of hormone insulin in the blood so as to make diabetics more favorable.

8. Vitamin E
For those of you who do not suffer from diabetes also need to take precautions so as not affected by diabetes. One way of preventive measures that can be used with high vitamin E that can nourish hormone insulin and pancreas organs. In addition to the diabetics, the function of vitamin E is also very good because it can help bring the hormone insulin toward the cell membrane.

That nutrient content and nutrients in the leaves of  “Miracle Tree” were able to overcome diabetes. It turned out that despite its small size but the content in it is huge even more than other herbal ingredients.

How Moringa leaf “Miracle Tree” is able to cope with diabetes?

Moringa leaves this phenomenon will attract a number of researchers to find out what benefits are there in it. the results of the study show that turns the leaves of Moringa able to overcome various problems of health problems such as digestive problems, disorders of the stomach, intestines and others. this is because the levels of antioxidants in Moringa leaves are very high that the cells are able to regenerate the body faster and healthier. Moringa leaves can also “minimize the levels of cholesterol” in the body and be able to overcome the problem of high blood pressure or hypertension.

Turning to the main discussion, namely how the leaves of Moringa able to overcome diabetes. Existing content in Moringa leaves can reduce blood sugar levels. other than that of Moringa leaves also can be used as natural insulin for the body, so when you inject insulin into the body also do not hesitate to consume moringa leaves. For those of you who do not suffer from diabetes also can prevent diabetes by consuming Moringa leaf vegetable regularly.

Moringa leaves have anti-diabetic properties because it contains zinc or a mineral that is indispensable in the production of insulin. Researchers already getting results that they are diabetics who consume Moringa leaves regularly will have a lower sugar levels than those who did not consume moringa leaves.

How to make a decoction of the leaves of Moringa for diabetes ?

How to make a decoction of the leaves of Moringa this you should know because it is still rare that sell potions of Moringa leaves either in the form of herbal medicine or tablet. How to make it easy and simple and you can make yourself at home.

  • Prepare 10 -15 grams Moringa leaves, usually a handful of hand
  • Wash the leaves of Moringa to clean, but not in order to squeeze moringa leaves stay fresh
  • Boil the leaves of Moringa, if you can use a tool made of earthenware
  • Put together with 3 cups of water and wait until boiling and until the shrinking water 1 cup only.
  • Then after that input again 3 cups of water and then wait for the water to shrink up to 1 cup of water again.
  • Once cooked, lift and strain, wait until warm and then drink regularly three times a day each one glass.

Thus information about the benefits of Moringa leaves for diabetes, hopefully can help you who is currently looking for an herbal remedy for diabetes.

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