9 Benefits of Green Coffee For Diet and Health

Food and drinks made from herbal ingredients is currently the talk of many people because it has been proven to be safer than using chemical drugs as a treatment or just as a supplement only. Currently there is one type of herbal drinks that are much sought after by people to improve their health, especially in weight loss.
Herbal ingredients sought is green coffee or green coffee. The fame of green coffee is not as good as the kind of black coffee in general but the benefits of this is very good for health.

Benefits of Green Coffee the most highlighted is being able to lose weight significantly and safely. Having an ideal body shape indeed is a dream for many people both man and women. By having the ideal body and avoid overweight or obese also indirectly will make you will avoid some of the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and others.

What is that Green Coffee?
So actually what is green coffee? Why its existence is highly sought after by many people for health and weight loss? So green coffee or the green coffee beans that have not been roasted alias still raw. So naturally it is green coffee bean black yes not as you know normally. Coffee beans became black because of the roasting process. Benefits of green coffee is considered better than the black coffee beans.

The Nutritional Content of Green Coffee
Here are some of the benefits of green coffee is very good for health and weight loss:

  • High in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid

Scientifically, green coffee beans contain high antioxidants and other active component content farmakologus. there are at least two types of substances that are very good from this green coffee is caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The content of chlorogenic is believed by many to be able to lose weight in an optimal and potent. But unfortunately the content of these substances will be very easily lost during the roasting process. For this reason then why black coffee beans can not give effect as provided by the green coffee beans.

  • Caffeine

Other deposits are well known in the coffee beans are generally caffeine. Probably most of you assume that caffeine is not good for the body because it is able to make a nuisance of several organs. it is actually not true, caffeine itself naturally provides benefits to the body can increase metabolism to be up to 3-11%, but this benefit would be optimal if the chlorogenic acid contained in it and taken correctly in the sense not excessive.

Scientific Research of Green Coffee

  • Nutrition and health experts have done some research and get a very surprising result from this green coffee beans. the results showed that the substance chlorogenic acidcan help reduce the absorption of carbohydrates that occur in the colon digestive organs. This is of course very good because it can help the body lower calorie absorption and helps produce more insulin hormone. With this fact, the green coffee beans is able to improve blood sugar levels and also control blood pressure so it is good for people with diabetes and stroke as well as heart disease.
  • A study has also been conducted using samples of mice, where the result is an chlorogenic acid is able to lose weight and reduce fat accumulation in the body. fat that often accumulate in the liver can also be minimized and to be able to help improve hormone whose job is to burn fat. At the same research also get results wherein chlorogenic acid can lower cholesterol, where cholesterol is not good for health.
  • Research has also been conducted in humans in which an extract of green coffee beans. This study used a sample of 30 people and the duration of the study lasted for 12 weeks. In a later study sample was divided into two groups where one group consumed an instant black coffee and half regular coffee drinkers already added 200 mg of green coffee. The samples were not instructed to change their diet or diet, but they keep doing the usual activities without any change in their daily life. The results obtained from this study are those who consume instant coffee which has been added to the green coffee bean extract experienced a weight loss of 5.4 kg in 12 weeks. As for the sample consume only black instant coffee usually only able to lose weight by 3.7 kg alone. the percentage of fat in the body also experience the difference that those who consume green coffee decreased by 3.6% while for the other groups only by 0.7% only.

Scientific evidence has been investigated in the green coffee bean extract can indeed make you more trust and do not hesitate on the benefits that can be provided by the green coffee is not it? But you also have to pay attention to dose. Generally the appropriate dose is as much as 120-300 mg / day and taken at least 30 minutes before eating. Moreover, so far have not found any side effects from the use of this green coffee. in order to obtain optimum benefit from this green coffee bean extract for weight loss then you should consume green coffee bean extract is routine. But of course not only that, you also need to pay attention to diet and exercise your diet so that the results there will be maximized again.

Green Coffee To Diet

In the discussion this time will clarify why green coffee or green coffee is very good for weight loss. Here is his review for you.

1. Helps burn fat

The content contained in green coffee include various kinds of minerals and vitamins. The content will be able to help increase the body’s metabolism so that it can make the process of burning fat faster and powerful than usual. It will especially be optimal if you also exercise proper and routine.

2. Suppress hunger

Other benefits of green coffee to help you lose weight are able to suppress hunger. With this will benefit you so that you do not eat too much and often. This benefit will you get when you use the well water diet to lose weight.

3. Rich in antioxidants

One of the nutrients that are found in green coffee beans are antioxidant wherein the antioxidant function of this is to help replace new cells exposed to free radicals. Antioxidants will also help keep blood sugar levels so as to prevent damage to or death of skin cells.

4. Increase metabolism

Chlorogenat acid content in green coffee will be produced by the body so that the body’s natural antioxidant with antioxidants will help increase your body’s metabolic system. So by consuming green coffee is not just going to feel the delicious taste with the taste, but also you will get the properties.

5. Reducing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL)

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is often the culprit of some type of serious illness in the body for example heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure as a result of a blockage of a blood vessel or that are also often referred to as cardiovascular disease. Research shows that taking green coffee regularly and routinely can reduce the risk of high cholesterol.

6. Reducing free radicals

Again chlorogenat content of acid in green coffee have an effect to ward off free radicals 10 times more effective than other types of coffee. green coffee beans that have not baked or roasted it contains is also very good for skin health and prevent premature aging of example only content folifenol and ferulic acid.

Green Coffee For Health

Once you know the benefits of green coffee to lose weight, then you also need to know that green coffee is also beneficial for the health of the body. what are they? Here are some for your friends:

1. Lowering high blood pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is a type of disease that really needs to watch out because it could be the killer secretly. High blood pressure has no symptoms specific but if will look after it is severe or because it was complicated by other diseases. one of the intake of foods that can lower high blood pressure is to consume green coffee.

This is already done research which used a sample of 117 men who have high blood pressure. then they have to consume green coffee mixed with palsebo for 28 days. Then the results obtained are their blood pressure showed significant declines.

2. Coping with Alzheimer’s disease
Other benefits of green coffee for health are able to cope with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is a disease of mental disorders due to damage to the brain’s neurons. By regularly taking green coffee would be able to help treat this azheimer later.

3. Fight insulin resistance
Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas gland. The function of the insulin hormone is very important as a place transforms sugar into energy in the body. but sometimes this insulin resistance may be damaged or for some good things in the condition of the body that are not normal or because the wrong food intake such as eating too much sugar so that the insulin into over drive until it malfunctions. To prevent this you can consume these green coffee regularly and make your body become healthier.

Although green coffee is good for health but keep in mind all that excess is not good included in the consumption of green coffee. Use of green coffee in the long term can lead to increased levels of homosistesin which is an amino acid that can damage the heart and lead to heart disease. Therefore you need to consult a doctor if you want to eat green coffee in the long term.

How to Make Green Coffee

Although green coffee is coffee that has not been baked or roasted but should still be processed first because otherwise it would cause a sour taste and caffeine levels are still very high in coffee. To process the Green Coffee is possible to use the roasting. Tools required is simple and can be found in the market. The final results of the processing of green coffee itself will be highly dependent on the quality of the beans and the right step in its processing.

  • The green coffee beans must be roasting with high heat and must be inverted continuously because otherwise the beans will be burnt and can no longer be said to be green coffee beans. Currently there are machines for me-roasting green coffee beans that you can use at home with a practical and safe. Using this machine will make the coffee roasting itself automatically and can set their own whether ripe or not.
  • There are other cheaper ways that you can use is by using a popcorn maker. You just have to put it in the machine popcorn maker and then just wait for about 10 minutes. So the work of making green coffee will not be too burdensome to you.
  • Another way is to use the oven. This method is more preferable because it is easier to do it at home. but you must use a perforated pan and must always be flipped back the coffee beans periodically for 20 minutes in the oven. This job should not be left behind because it can make the green coffee burned later.
  • For a more practical, you can buy green coffee bean extract, which is now sold in the market at a relatively affordable price. However, note authenticity and do not let you be fooled by fake products yes.

That is how to cultivate green coffee that you can do at home with ease. Furthermore, you may be able to consume these green coffee on a regular basis so that you can get the most out of the benefits of green coffee.

How To Lose Weight With The Right

To be able to have a desirable body weight, you can use green coffee as an aid. But keep in mind that simply by consuming green coffee alone is not enough, but it also pays some other things. basically the human body weight will depend on how much calories in and how many calories can come out with physical activity. Ideal body weight indicates the amount of the balance between calories in and calories out. But if you want to lose weight then you should reduce your intake of calories in and increase physical activity to burn calories in the body.

Losing weight is not easy for some people. therefore you need to set targets in this weight loss program. The following are steps that you can use to get the ideal body weight but still using a healthy and safe manner.

First – You should do first is to set a target weight loss is realistic. For example, you create a target about to lose weight by 4 kg in one to two months. After you successfully to the target and then increase your targets in the next month. Do not set targets that do not make sense, for example lowering the 10 kg in a month. it is possible but it will be torture your body in shock.

Second – once you set a target, then you should do is to do things to achieve that goal. An example is you begin to reduce your meal portions that had a full plate in half platter alone and avoid eating foods that are sweet as pie as dessert. At least you have to make as many as three plans only once, after you are able to do so new you can add more.

Three – the next step is probably going to make you a bit complicated but this is for the good of yourself in order to gain the weight you want. The trick is that you start to record how many of the nutrients that get into your body from calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and others. if necessary, you can provide a special journal to record it. This is quite important because it can help you monitor how much nutrition that goes into your body.

The Four – In a diet you should be selective with the food and beverages you consume as this will greatly affect the outcome later. You need to remember and underline is to eat at the right time if you can before you feel hungry and stop before satiety. This can make your meal portions have become fewer. Choose a healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables and carbohydrates only 1/3 as much as usual. You also should be sufficient protein from both animal and vegetable and restrict eating fatty foods such as fried foods. Instead you should avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats, for example milk, cheese, fatty meat, avoid salty foods, the food is too sweet and high sodium containing foods such as ready meals.

The Fifth – The next step after you are finished with the problems of food then you should consider is physical activity. To reduce the amount of calories and fat in the body move very quickly and accurately is to do physical activity or rather sports. You can do a type of exercise that you like such as aerobics, weightlifting, treat mill and others. if necessary, you can use the services of the instructor to monitor the progress of your weight loss. If you have special needs or certain health conditions are highly vulnerable to heavy physical activity then you can consult a doctor beforehand about the selection of appropriate exercise and how long time.

At the core of weight loss can not be done instantly, so you must be patient and make sacrifices to get what you want.

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