Diet for the lazy, How to lose weight without effort

Too lazy to do sports, and there is no time to prepare food diet? We have good news for you: the calories can be spent quietly, without tension and stress. We tell how to do it.

Walk into the store with a list of products
And do not depart from it. In it must be vegetables (a lot!), Fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy products (milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese), bread and cereals. Remember: the less sweets and delicacies you buy, the less they eventually eat.

Help people
If you are in a bad mood, do not stick grouch chocolate. There is another way to deal with the negative. Look around you – there are certainly a number of people who can do something good. Help an old lady with a trolley. Smile ran past a child. Give money to street musicians. You’ll see – a life immediately begins to improve. The secret is simple: helping others, we are involved in a “cycle of goodness in nature.”

Relax on the street
And not on your favorite couch. Paradoxically, fatigue often is it a lack of movement. Especially for those who travel by car for hours sitting in the office. A short walk after work – the best way to combat the apathy at the end of the working day. It improves blood circulation, fills the body with energy and improves mood. Home you reach in a good tone, not exploded, “leave me alone all of me.”

More steps!
Welcomes any move. Surely you have a friend-Fidget, who walks around the room when talking on the phone, constantly jumps up from his chair and talks all the time with his foot. This whirligig per day burns about 200 calories more than you, and stays in shape without going to a fitness club. Try to act like it. Learn to say, “let me run off and give.” At work, often get up from the table and generally walk whenever possible.

Drink plenty of water
At least for a time give up alcohol, juices, nectars, fruit drinks, kvass, soda, reduce the consumption of tea and coffee, and drink plain water. On average, for every kilogram of body weight should drink 30 ml of water.

Eat “plate model”
No need to count calories. Just mentally divide your plate (it should be the average diameter) into 4 parts. Two of them have to fill vegetables, another – protein food (meat, fish), the last – cereals, potatoes or pasta. Eat on the “plate model” 2 times a day (the rest of the meal – as usual), and a month later was surprised to find out that 2-3 kg as did not happen!

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