Five types of aging and how to fight them

To counter the aging process is difficult, but possible. Read, what are the types of aging and what can be done in each case.

The first wrinkles may appear as early as 20-25 years – today it is the norm.

The first to appear wrinkles – changes in skin turgor, which become noticeable mainly in the area around the eyes, on the forehead. And if you’re a noble frivolous, often smile and love “pose faces”, the wrinkles may appear sooner.
With age, wrinkles become deeper and does not disappear even when the relaxation of muscles. Over the years, to join the static facial wrinkles. Static wrinkles are added “sadness” face: mouth corners are lowered, drawn nasolabial folds, cheeks “opuskayutschya” and oval face “floats”.

Static wrinkles are varying the depth from the surface to the deep furrows of wrinkles and folds. But the good news is, with due attention and care possible partial reincarnation of static wrinkles back to mimic.

Despite the overall result, we all age differently. Experts identify five basic types of aging:

1. “Tired” type of aging

Considered the most physiologic: gradually decreased muscle tone of the skin, the complexion becomes dull, appears mild swelling of tissues, appear soft nasolabial folds and corners of the mouth just dropped.

What can be done

Plasma lifting – anti age-ritual, which is based on the mechanism of skin samoomolozheniya. It helps to regenerate at the cellular level of the plasma. After collection and purification of venous blood plasma by a special technique saturated active substances in a centrifuge, and then injected under the skin and connective tissue begins to encourage vigorous cells synthesize collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

2. Melkomorschinisty type of aging

Most often occurs in lean women and is characterized, above all, skin dehydration. It is on dry skin as on the parchment paper, quickly appear small wrinkles (especially in the periorbital area). The muscles at the same time are in good tone, so the fabric does not sag.

What can be done

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization – methods of preventing premature aging of the skin using micro-injections of hyaluronic acid and “cocktails” on its basis. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to restore optimum moisture balance, suspending wilting.

3. The deformation type

Characteristic of women-bodied, full-bodied. Oval face changes with age, and the soft tissues become flabby and “sag”, forming deep wrinkles and creases.

What can be done

Vector Lifting – kind of contouring, fillers when injected under the skin by a specially planned scheme. Injections are made along a certain line and a certain angle of inclination. As a result, the skin is tightened in the right direction, and the “delete” line back into place.

4. Muscle type of aging

A distinctive feature of the properties of the skin residents of South-East and Central Asia, China and Japan. They have well developed muscles of the face and at the same time slightly pronounced subcutaneous fat. The first signs of aging appear on the face rather late, and the skin elasticity and long retains a clear oval face.

What can be done

Contour and solid modeling – introduction of procedures under the skin fillers (injectable gel formulations on the basis of synthetic or natural) to make up for the lost volume. Fillers are introduced in different layers of the skin and thus solve different problems: help erase deep wrinkles, eliminate the “gaps” under the eyes, cheekbone shape.

5. Combined type of aging

Recognize it can be featured on the initial “fatigue” on the face, which are further complemented by the distinctive features of other types of aging. It is the most common.

What can be done

Tredlifting ( “strand lifting” or “3D-modeling”) ─ a kind of alternative to surgical “lifting” the face. The procedure consists in the introduction into the skin thin filaments made from different materials (synthetic or natural). Threads like lift, tighten and fixed in position with fabric hang down by age, helping to recreate the skeleton of an oval face and smooth wrinkles.

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