Food dependence: how to identify and fight

Food dependence is along with such vices as dependence on alcohol, smoking or drugs. It causes many diseases and can lead to irreversible consequences. Find out how to help a person suffering from food addiction.

food dependence is a problem that it is very difficult for a person to cope alone. “So what? Just do not eat, “many will say without thinking.

The pleasure that people receive from the process of eating their favorite dishes is seen by many as a way of solving psychological problems. People “seize” stress, while constantly suffering from a feeling of “emptiness” inside. It is perceived by the body as a feeling of hunger, and the only way to combat this emptiness is food.

All that is nutrition is described and how to deal with it, nutritionist Alla Tsvetkova said in her blog .

Symptoms of food dependence

  1. You eat more than a year or half a year ago, while preferring semi-finished products and instant food.
  2. You need more food to cope with stress or other conditions. You notice that you eat much more food than other people.
  3. You feel anxiety when there is a feeling of hunger.
  4. Your thoughts are busy planning breakfast, lunch and dinner so that all other problems go to the background.
  5. Constant diets and attempts to solve the problem of excess weight independently, which do not yield any results (or short-term result).
  6. You continue to follow your eating habits, not paying attention to the consequences (deteriorating health, weight gain).

The main causes of food dependence

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