Heart Healthy Menu – The More People Died Suddenly, barring With Menu Foods

The More People Died Suddenly, barring With Menu Foods. Eating foods containing potassium is quite an important part in heart health.

“If your potassium levels are too high or low, the risk of heart failure,” said Dr. John Day, cardiologists expert in the fields of cardiac arrhythmias. Foods that contain potassium also helps lower blood pressure and keep the heart rhythm steady.

Every day, we are advised to consume 4,700 milligrams of potassium. That number could we insufftcient of vegetables, legumes, and fruit.

Some food items that are high in potassium include:

  • Potatoes, in medium-size to contain 926 mg.
  • Tuber, in medium-size to contain 540 mg.
  • Spinach, half a cup of spinach contains 290 mg.
  • Tomatoes, half a cup of fresh tomatoes containing 210 mg.
  • Soybeans, half cup contains 440 mg.
  • Almonds, one-third cup contains 310 mg.
  • Banana, one medium-size fruit contains 420 mg.
  • Orange, one medium-size fruit contains 237 mg.

However, according to our individual health. as an example: there are people drinking 3 cups of coffee but not sleepy, some people just drink a mouthful, but could be sleepy. so our advice, watch for signs of yourself.

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