How to brew a delicious tea: 10 useful tips

Tea in our expanses is a cult drink that everyone loves without exception. In addition to the excellent taste and smell, it has a number of health benefits due to the high content of antioxidants.
Unlike coffee, which must still be able to properly prepare, the use of tea seems to be not too complicated process. However, there are also secrets.

We want to share with you ten useful tips that will help you to make the right tea.

1. Pay attention to the freshness of tea

With the passage of time, essential oils contained in tea, can disintegrate, which adversely affects its taste. Tea can be stored for up to two years if stored in a cool, dry place (try a sealed container).

You will not get sick and you will not get poisoned if you drink an expired tea, but the taste will be much better if you use it for six months.

2. Freedom of tea leaves!

Tea leaves significantly increase in volume during brewing. Therefore, in order to fully open all its potential, take care of the free space. This means that you should prefer leaf tea, and if you still like tea in bags, then pay attention to the pyramids, which have more space for tea.

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3. Tea is tasty water

In our cup of tea, water is the main part, so it will not be an exaggeration to say that the taste of tea depends on the water used, even more than from the sort of tea leaves. The fact that chlorinated water from the tap is not recommended, it’s clear to everyone, but the specific recommendations for choosing water depend on your preferences and place of residence. In any case, take this matter seriously.

4. Boiling Point

No less important than the quality of water, is its temperature. We have known from childhood that water should be boiled well. However, to brew good tea does not require boiling hot water. So, black tea is best brewed at a temperature of about 90 degrees, and green and white varieties at 70-80 degrees. Therefore, after boiling the water, it is best to let it cool down to the required temperature. And in any case, do not boil water again and do not mix boiled and not boiled water – good tea will not work!

5. Not too much, not too little

Stick to the norms from 1½ to 2 teaspoons of tea per glass of water for large-leaf brewing and green, as well as herbal varieties. For most black teas, which are more compact and have a longer drying time, 1 teaspoon is enough. If you want to get a stronger and fragrant drink, then add tea, but do not increase the infusion time.

6. The right dishes

Great value for the preparation of delicious tea has the use of the right dishes. It is best to brew and consume this drink in ceramic ware, for it is not without reason that the triumphant procession of tea on the planet was accompanied by a fashion for porcelain and faience. Now on sale there are a wide variety of glass teapots for brewing, which are also quite applicable. The main thing to remember is that making tea in metal dishes is not very desirable.

7. Look at the clock

If the drink has stood, it will have too bitter taste, because tea starts to release tannins. It is still not dangerous to health (re-brewed tea is sometimes used as a home remedy for indigestion), but this can hardly be called delicious. Black tea will take about three to five minutes to infuse, while green and white need only two to three minutes to achieve the condition.

8. Not a drop of milk!

We, unlike some other countries, do not have a lot of tea with milk. And it’s just perfect! Milk proteins can bind to beneficial tea substances and weaken, thus its healing effect.

9. A little lemon

Adding a lemon increases the antioxidant properties of tea. Vitamin C provides acidic conditions for catechins within our body, making them more accessible for assimilation in the high-acid environment of our intestines. Adding citrus fruits can also help make tea tastier, since it interrupts some bitterness. In this case, you can experiment not only with the canonical lemon, but also try the orange, grapefruit and so on.

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10. Drink to your health!

Regardless of whether you strictly observe tea rules or treat them completely frivolously, remember that tea is not just a food product, but a true cultural tradition associated with rest and communication. Even the cheapest variety in the environment of pleasant interlocutors can seem unusually tasty and on the contrary. So the most important secret to obtaining delicious tea is not in the field of cooking

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