How to put baby to sleep: Top 10 Ways

Sometimes a simple action – put your baby to sleep – for this mission becomes a superspy. The causes of child sleep disorders can be many: physical discomfort (for example, when a sore tummy or teething), the turning points of development (when the baby is about to go or to speak). There are also more serious cases of child insomnia, such as ICP – intracranial pressure.
So if your baby has difficulty sleeping, we strongly recommend to show it to the pediatrician and neurologist. If no serious cause for concern, please use one of the proven ways. And then calm children’s sleep is your victory and reward!

Let’s look at ten effective ways to put the baby to sleep.

Method number 1 – rocking
One of the most popular ways to put to bed the child – is rocking the baby in her arms in a sling on fitball, in the crib or cradle. This method is ideal for very young children, because it reminds them of a wonderful time – stay in my mother’s tummy. Usually kids fall asleep pretty quickly, because the next closest person, a child feels warm and beating of her mother’s heart, and dimensional rocking sets it to sleep.

Serious minus method – you must have the patience of an angel, because rock Babe need up to a deep sleep, when the facial muscles relax, and the arms and legs hang limply. Slightly pumped or nedokachannyh – and everything begins anew: children’s sleep we can only dream. Not superfluous and would be starting physical training mother – babies grow fast.

Method number 2 – to fall asleep at the breast

If your baby is among the lucky ones who are breastfeeding, you probably noticed that he often falls asleep during the meal. A bottle with a mixture of worked a little worse, but it is effective too: calm children’s sleep is assured.

Minus one – the same as for motion sickness: while taking away the chest and shifting in a crib babies often wake up. Moreover, the baby becomes older, the more difficult to lay a child to sleep by this method.

Method number 3 – co-sleeping

Many moms still practice co-sleeping with your baby. This is an attempt to bring to perfection the previous two methods, do not need to take the breast and to shift the baby in the crib. Feeling the familiar smell, the child quietly put to sleep, and my mother did not have to get up several times to feed the child.

It seems that this method is ideal. However, this is not so, and it is not even known horror story about the fact that you can overlay the child, that is, to destroy. Often the father of the family is hurt he is banished to a separate bed-place, and the mother is not quite comfortable to sleep because when you try to turn over any of its child wakes up.

However, each family decides with some temporary difficulties better reconcile; sometimes it is better to put your baby to bed with him, than each time to wake up and run to the crib.

Method number 4 – a sequence of actions

This is the most effective way to put the baby to sleep, and the key word here, as you have already guessed – the sequence. Every day, you must adhere to the same action, the previous dream. For example, to bathe, feed, and then lay the baby should be strictly in one and the same time, children’s sleep is also amenable to the schedule. Just doing this every day, without breaks and days off, it is possible to achieve stable results.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this method, too, is: in our bustling life you can not always strictly follow the schedule, and the results have to wait no earlier than a few months.

Method number 5 – Service

No, do not be afraid, do not enclose the crumbs under the ear wound Service: it is useful to you if you decide to extend your sleep little man. If you carry the baby sleep diary, you will soon notice that he wakes up at the same time. Scarce had already developed their habits, even if they can hardly be called good.

Rectify the situation as possible, though no promises 100 per cent result. Knowing exactly how much it wakes your fidget, wake him exactly half an hour before this time. Breaking thus an established routine, gradually increase the intervals between awakenings to achieve the desired result.

This method is hardly fast as the previous one, moreover, it is quite painful for both sides. Child Unaccustomed to wake up at the same time, can start doing it randomly, and then have to adjust the entire sleep system again. And then put to sleep their child will be oh how difficult.

Method number 6 – to persistent Mom

Before you start using this method, please be patient and valerian: here, more than ever, need your peace of mind. Nervous and impatient mums, this method is absolutely contraindicated. Basic training fall on the day, but not be able to relax at night.

So wait until the baby starts to show signs of sleep: rubbing eyes, yawning and capricious. If before that he played and was excited, you need to calm him down, but in any case not to swing and do not feed. Then, put the baby in the crib and stand side by side, trying to prevent tears. You can hum a lullaby, gently shake the crib, but you can not meet his eyes or to take arms. If after 15 minutes the baby fell asleep, the tears turned into hysteria, take him up, soothe, and not giving to sleep in his arms, put him back to bed.

If the baby whimpering quietly or lie quietly, but not asleep, stay close and wait for a full sleep. laying period should last for no more than 45 minutes during the day and no more than an hour at night. Sounds scary, huh? Starting to use this method, the main thing – do not throw it in the middle. The course of treatment – a month. But children’s sleep is worth it?

Method number 7 – falling asleep alone

Getting the same as in the method number 6: catch the first signs of falling asleep and to shift the baby to bed. As soon as the baby will calm down, come out of the room. Likely, you immediately hear unhappy crying. Do not rush on the first call, wait three minutes, if the baby is filled – no more than a minute. Then come back into the room and try to calm the child. In the hands of the kid take it only if he cries excitedly more than three minutes. Once he calmed down, again luggage in bed and quietly leaves the room.

Scarce fell asleep crying? Come and soothe my child again. Total time of laying should not exceed 45 minutes.

Already after 5-6 days will be noticeable results, but patience and valerian still reserves: the path to the correct child’s sleep is not easy. And do not blame yourself for excessive severity: generating mode, you act for the good of the baby. Be careful: to lay baby to sleep using a number of methods 5, 6 and 7 can not before he turns 5 months.

Method number 8 – a warm bath

As a rule, it works perfectly warm bath with soothing herbal infusion. Look how it behaves after water procedures your child: in the bath some exciting acts. If your child is, fortunately, it applies to the group that begins to rub the eyes after swimming in warm some water and quickly put to sleep, great. The case for small – to feed the baby and put to sleep in a crib.

As an additive to the bath can use the infusion of succession – it will not only relieve inflammation on the skin, if they exist, but also calm the crumbs. Careful with valerian: pediatricians say that children under one year, it is contraindicated, because it gives the opposite effect.

Method number 9 – White Noise

Young children go to sleep under a great monotonous sounds such as humming vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or radio hiss, the sound of water, or a lullaby without words.

Find appropriate music or the sound you want and include it each time after the routing of the baby in the bed. Only the sound should be barely audible, so as not to interrupt the children’s sleep and wake up the crumbs falling asleep.

Method number 10 – a cozy nest

This method works very effectively for very young children: use it to put a baby to sleep is very, very simple. All you need – make of Blankets plaid or something like a cocoon. Toddler swaddle or just grab the handle, so they do not interfere with the crumbs to fall asleep.

Here the main thing – that the blanket was not too close to the spout baby, the baby suffocated while sleeping. Typically, newborn children are not used to a large space, it frightens them: what kind of sleep here? A retinue of blankets cocoon remind your child of carefree time in my mother’s tummy. Good night and happy dreams!

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