Nine rules: to becoming a happy Mother

A modern woman tries to sit at once on eight chairs, not even two. She needs to be successful in her career, good mother, wife, mistress, daughter, yes what to say – we all try to be super-wool. That’s only happiness is not enough for anyone.
In today’s world it is difficult to meet all the characteristics of the “ideal mother”. Women have put a million worries on their shoulders, and it is quite logical that not all tasks are performed in a qualitative way. As a consequence – depression and constantly pressing thought: “I’m a bad mother.”

In this bustle we often forget about the main thing: just be happy. Read the nine commandments of happy mothers:

1. Do not try to be perfect

The concept of “ideal” is very relative, so do not try to be an ideal mother. They just do not exist, because any mom is an ordinary person with a set of advantages and disadvantages, emotional reactions, fears.

The child does not need an all-knowing mother, because he is not brought up by a robot, but by a man. It is important for him to hold on to his warm mother’s hand, to see how she is smiling, to play naughty together. When a child understands that mom is an ordinary living person, he himself will behave more naturally.

2. Do not be a martyr

Do not need to take on a million worries, and then get upset and complain that you’re all falling from your hands, there are no assistants around, everything is kept by you alone. Your family needs a positive mother, and not a stalked horse, which is on the threshold of a hysterical fit.

Do not try for everything at once, do not try to do everything perfectly – nobody requires this from you. And get distracted: going to the movies with your husband is a great way to pass the evenings, at least once a week.

3. Do not blame yourself

If a woman is weak, she begins to blame herself for not getting anything out of her. There are other mothers on the court look so happy, they probably all manage. But you try to talk to one of them frankly, and you will hear a lot of interesting things.

4. Rejoice in trifles

In our difficult times around, some disorders, and sometimes find a reason for joy is very difficult. And it is necessary! You can not live under constant pressure of trouble. Learn to enjoy the simplest things: the sun, the first dandelions, children’s laughter, ridiculous phrases. It’s easier to be happy than you think.

5. Laugh

You should look at everything with humor, otherwise you can lose common sense. More often joke and laugh with your baby, tell him funny stories, play together.

6. Eat breakfast with your family

Joint meals are family time, when everyone can share news and stay at the same table with the most native people. Do not close with plates to different rooms, do not deprive each other of such good and warm minutes.

Yes, with children, especially small ones, this is not always possible. But we need to try to build a regime in such a way that the child has enough time for rest, and parents could devote each other a couple of hours and at the same time stay up for two nights. A healthy dream is very important, do not forget about it.

9. Do not Change Yourself

Yes, with the advent of the child you will grow up, become kinder, sentimental, softer, but in the shower you will still be that girl who recently tied up two tails to a school disco and secretly painted lips from her mother.

Do not change yourself and your old habits: tired, do not hold your legs – do not force yourself to make dinner, order pizza. Be simpler and never tell your children that you lost a lot for them – this is a cruel error of many mothers.

And talk more often to your own that you love them.

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