Pain with menstruation: what to do?

Are you concerned about pain in menstruation? Do not you know how to deal with them? We will share with you the secrets of overcoming this ailment.
Often, women suffer from pain during menstruation. The pain is easy and strong, a woman may be bothered by pains in the lower abdomen or in the lower back, but to combat any of them there are a number of simple and effective means.

Mild menstrual pain

1. Decoction of chamomile is an excellent analgesic. However, be careful – it is not suitable for everyone, because it can cause allergies.

2. With mild pains, gymnastics, gymnastics or aerobics can effectively cope. Exercises can be performed several days before the month and directly during them.

3. A good tool is a massage of the waist and abdomen, which will relieve muscle spasms and help you relax.

4. If you are easily excitable and often nervous, then pain during menstruation can be caused precisely by the nervous system. In this case, even an ordinary valerian will help to eliminate pain in the abdomen.

5. A warm bath will cope well with pain with menstruation. Heat will relax the muscles of the uterus and soothe the nerves. Even a warm shower can give a positive result.

6. Perfectly removes the pain of the warmer, which should be applied to the sore spot (abdomen or back).

7. The most effective means for getting rid of pain during menstruation – regular sexual life (on ordinary days and days of menstruation).

Severe pain with menstruation

For severe pain, apply all of the above methods or use anesthetic pills. An analgin in our country is not the best remedy in such cases. After all, it is addictive, that is, you will have to increase the dose of the medicine all the time in order to get rid of the pain syndrome.

If you suffer from unbearable pain during menstruation, you should contact a gynecologist. In fact often menstrual pains are a consequence of diseases of female genitals.

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