Rarely Washed Jeans, Is it Safe For Your Health?

Many people who love jeans with reason these pants can be worn in a long time and is not easy to look dirty. In reality, jeans are made with the intention of not need very often washed. In fact, one manufacturer is already global jeans do not recommend it to be washed occasionally in order to save water.

A question arises, if we wear jeans that have not washed for a long time, for example, is already a few weeks, if it could endanger our health?

Health experts said if the jeans are rarely laundered was still safe to wear! Bernhard Redlof the University of Innsbruck, Austria, said if there was nothing to worry about despite the jeans that we use everyday has a very long are not washed. Indeed, some kinds of bacteria, sweat, until the skin cells will move to jeans. However, this is not at all harmful to our bodies.

Health experts from the University of Alberta, Kanda, even mentioning if he had done research on a pair of jeans belonging to students who are already 15 months is not washed at all. From this research, it is known if these jeans have a relatively equal number of bacteria with a pair of newly washed and worn for 13 days. At pants that had not been washed for months, which is found only flora on the skin of the wearer.

The only problem is if this very long jeans are not washed the smell will be very oppressive. If you are someone who is concerned about the appearance, of course this would be a problem, is not it? However, if you are too lazy to wash jeans because it is too heavy or rough, we can air the jeans is in the sun and smells usually will soon disappear.

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