Raspberry Turns emergence Can Prevent Alzheimer’s

As we get older, everyone would decline physical and mental conditions, especially for those who are elderly. Today, many health experts are asking everyone to be more wary of Alzheimer’s disease, a condition in which a person’s cognitive abilities declined rapidly and often occurs in old age. Often, Alzheimer’s is caused by a lifestyle very unhealthy. So is there a way we can avoid this disease?

Health experts indicate if there are many ways that can make us prevent the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease. For example, we may begin to consume lots of foods rich in nutrients for brain health. In addition, routine sports activities will also be very good in preventing the emergence of this disease. However, a recent study shows an interesting fact in which we can prevent Alzheimer’s disease in a way that favors, believe diligently eating raspberries.

Health experts from Aberdeen University, Scotland, Claude Wischik, indicate if raspberry eating six pieces contains nutrients that can prevent excessive protein in the brain that become triggers cognitive decline. The compound was resveratrol which previously often found in dark chocolate and red wine. For information, the brain has a protein content excess will make this organ unsanitary conditions and further lower cognitive abilities.

The compound resveratrol is also believed to be capable of killing a wide range of cells that is likely to lead to brain inflammation, cancer, and other problems that could arise in our brain. This means, if we regularly consume this fruit, and combined with regular exercise, getting enough rest time, and maintain healthy lifestyles and stress-free, then we would be better in preventing the emergence of Alzheimer’s in the future.

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