Scientists:Tablets and vitamins will allow to forget new schemes of a food

Scientists have proposed nutritional schemes, subject to which the workers of intellectual work, athletes and long-livers can forget about tablets and vitamins.
In medicine, there are no more popular and contradictory topics than coffee, sex and vitamins, believes the American physician Fred Larson. The first two topics, he said, are popular in the near-scientific press, mostly because they are close to every normal person. With the vitamins the situation is different: everyone knows that their presence in the diet should be taken care of, but no one gives due importance to this issue. And in vain, says the scientist.

Data from a number of large studies in recent years show that virtually every disease can be countered with a corresponding group of vitamins. Thus, it is possible to link certaingroups of vitamins, and consequently, the products in which they are contained, to the tasks that the person sets himself.

The same data show that most of the necessary vitamins and nutrients can be obtained by selecting the right foods. “Modern science abandons the trend of the end of the last century, when doctors more often recommended not choosing the diet itself, but individual vitamin complexes,” says nutritionist Mark Alchinsky.

Today, for each type of activity, scientists will offer a suitable diet. Now it is clearly known what products are needed for brain work or muscle building and what should be eaten to reduce the risk of premature death.

And the most interesting is that all these diets do not contradict each other, but, on the contrary, can help to become both strong and intelligent at the same time. “It sounds fantastic,” Larson laughs, “but it’s true, you decide what will be in your plate, and it’s up to you how much it will change your life.”

Food for the brain 
If you are engaged in mental work, and such nowadays can be considered the management of the delivery service of pizza, then your diet should be aimed primarily at the normal functioning of the brain, says Larson.

The results of recent studies show that the most popular “diets” – fast food, pizza and similar food, cause the greatest damage to the brain work, says American dietician Jean Bowman.

A group of scientists under her leadership conducted a study, the results of which were published in the authoritative journal Neurology . In the course of the work, observations were made of older Americans, however, according to experts, the conclusions from these observations extend to all generations. The main conclusion is simple: people with high blood levels of transfats contained in fast food show lower rates of mental activity than people whose blood contains more omega-3 fatty acids and different vitamins (primarily B, C, D, E) . In addition, representatives of the first group have a higher propensity to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Another study on this topic, conducted by scientists from the University of Oregon, showed that people who eat trans fats tend to have less brain volume than those who prefer healthy food.

For the brain, not only fish and seafood are critically important, which has already become a kind of axiom of dietology, but also fruits, vegetables and nuts. “Vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can be measured by biological measures,” says Margaret Trauber of the University of Oregon.-I believe that thanks to these nutrients, the brain is better protected and more efficient. “

The results of a blood test of people demonstrating high brain activity, indicate which foods and groups of vitamins have the greatest effect on the physiology of the mind.

Omega-3 fatty acids (they are rich in fish) have long enjoyed the reputation of a key product for mental activity. These acids serve as a kind of bricks, from which the membranes of the brain are built. Most of these acids are found in salmon, tuna and herring. Also these acids are present in nuts. But nuts are worth eating and because of the high content of vitamins E and B6. Eggs, according to the physician, are often mentioned in the works as another key product for improving brain function. In addition to vitamin E, they contain A, B, D. Yolks are rich in choline, a substance that favorably affects memory.

However, we should not forget that there is cholesterol in egg yolks, and there is no need to abuse eggs, Larson states. All egg advantages can be obtained by satiating your diet with products such as tomatoes, beans, grapefruits and pomegranates, blueberries, avocados, leafy vegetables, broccoli.

A good vegetable salad and a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice every day is a necessary condition for increasing mental activity, concludes Larson.

In recent years, it has not been possible to refute the assertion that dark chocolate is useful for brain function. If, of course, we are talking about real chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans. Their main component – flavonoids – substances that improve the flow of blood to the brain, thereby increasing the concentration of attention, the severity of reactions, the work of memory.

Muscle building 

“That what you eat is more important than what and how much you raise.This old truth is known to anyone who has seriously engaged in bodybuilding,” says Alchinski and cites the results of some fresh studies showing that the role of vitamins in the body structure is still Pores are greatly underestimated.

For example, a recent work of scientists from the University of California confirms that the key role in building muscle is played by vitamin E. Scientists have found out: muscle cells most suffer from the effects of oxidants, such as free radicals of oxygen. And the vitamins of group E are fat-soluble substances that can be embedded in cell membranes and protect them from damage. In other words, you can save muscle acquired by persistent muscle training with a proper diet, rich in vitamins E, and therefore, nuts and fish should be registered in your menu.

It is also important that vitamins E regulate protein metabolism and are responsible for the normal functioning of the gonads, which in turn are responsible for the main hormone of any budding Schwarzenegger – testosterone.

Another point of concern for a muscular figure should be the use of B group vitamins regulating carbohydrate metabolism: with their lack, the body loses the ability to absorb all carbohydrates obtained from food. The best sources of vitamins B are cabbage, potatoes, peas, buckwheat, cottage cheese, eggs.

Physicians also emphasize the role of such a substance as cobalamin (B12) in the formation of muscle mass. This vitamin is involved in the synthesis of amino acids and cell division, and also activates energy metabolism in the body. Cobalamin is found in beef, chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, but scientists note that its absorption worsens if a person uses yeast foods, for example bread. Beer is also contraindicated.

Hone the shape 
If men are more likely to care for the muscles in their own appearance, then the demands of women are much more complicated, says Lisa Dreyer, a well-known American nutritionist, author of the best-selling Beauty Diet and a regular blogger for the CNN portal .

Dreyer believes that the components of beauty are the lack of excess weight, good skin, overall health. The expert claims that she has determined a diet that will help achieve all this without depriving a person of varied and tasty food. Her book, already half a year not leaving the list of bestsellers of the largest online store Amazon , tells about ten products, using which, you can save natural beauty and reduce weight. In them, according to Dreyer, contain all the nutrient components necessary for the work of the body.

“You will receive products that will become building materials for your body,” Dreyer promises. “They will be lined with delicate skin, shiny long hair, strong nails, sparkling eyes and a bright smile.”

Ten products, according to Dreyer, every beauty, are salmon, natural yoghurt, blueberry, spinach, kiwi, tomatoes, oysters, potatoes, nuts and dark chocolate. The choice determined the presence in them of vitamins A and T, as well as nutrients – zinc, iodine and potassium. Naturally, the diet should not be limited to these products, but Dreyer recommends that at least one of them be included in each meal throughout the day.

In his book a nutritionist gives examples of menus for a day that will provide care for beauty and health and at the same time will not require to sacrifice taste sensations or experience hunger. For example, she suggests future beauties for breakfast to eat potatoes with zucchini and goat cheese, then have a bite of fresh blueberries. For lunch – a sandwich with turkey and yogurt with avocado. For dinner – salmon with vegetables and baked potatoes. If you eat this way and do not neglect not particularly tiring physical exercises, beauty is almost assured, Dreyer believes.

Eternal youth
Becoming clever and beautiful is a worthy goal, says Larson, but it’s hard to find someone who does not want to live with these wonderful qualities for as long as possible. Vitamins also play a key role here, with more and more studies confirming the direct connection between some groups of vitamins and maintaining the health of vital organs. For example, longevity of the heart is directly related to a sufficient amount of magnesium in the body, which ensures the use of nuts, cocoa and soy.

The brain, as stressed in the works of scientists for another half a century ago, needs omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, elderly people in order to confront Alzheimer’s disease should include in the diet as much fish and seafood as possible, as well as nuts.

The circulatory and immune systems require a large number of vitamins A, B and C, as well as folic acid and iron. So, to improve immunity, you should regularly eat eggs, liver, spinach, lean meat.

In recent years, recommendations for citrus have been revised. You should not try to get as much vitamin C as possible, because it is already produced in the body of a person who leads a healthy lifestyle. Regular use of citrus fruits is not contraindicated, but there is no need to drink more than a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit or orange juice a day.

In the fight against cancer – one of the main enemies of modern man – will help vitamin D. “I would like to look at someone who would have found some other substance with as many anti-cancer properties as vitamin D,” says Edward Giovannucci, a doctor From Harvard University.

According to the scientist, while maintaining the level of vitamin D in the body the likelihood of cancer, for example, skin, prostate or colon, is reduced by an average of 30 times.

Vitamin D is produced by direct sunlight on the skin. According to Giovannucci, it’s enough to be out in the open sun for at least 15 minutes every day to ensure the norm of vitamin D.

Although there are other sources, in particular fish (tuna and salmon), dairy products and egg yolks. The presence of these products in the diet is especially worth taking care of the elderly, since over the years the ability to produce vitamin D in the skin is falling.

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