See Reason Why John Okafor Adviced Men To Marry Beautiful Women



Nigerian popular comic actor John Okafor whose is popularly known as Mr Ibru in his movies recently took to instagram to share a picture of his beautiful wife as he gushes about her.

The actor while praising his wife took the opportunity to advice single men who yet to get married to try and marry beautiful a wife for the sack of their children.

He said;


“the major reason why it is wise for a man to get married to a beautiful woman is bcos their children so choose wisely I ve done mine bye bye”


He posted another picture of his wife and had this to say;

“If to go to Heaven is by beauty ……”

He sure does know what he’s saying. The actor who might not really be facially handsome went ahead to marry a beautiful wife to complement his shortcomings for the sake of his offsprings. He has two lovely children, a boy and a girl.



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