Simple Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

One of the most feared diseases by women is breast cancer. Sure we’ve heard it often enough victims of this disease should ultimately dying. Health experts themselves had asked the womenfolk to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the emergence of this disease. In addition, there are some simple tips that can be done womenfolk in reducing breast cancer risk. What are these tips?

The first tip that can be done in the fight against breast cancer emergence out is to pay attention to the duration of use of a bra every day. Health experts advise us not to wear too long, which is preferably less than 12 hours in a day.

A study showed that women who wore bras more than 12 hours in a day had a 3 times greater risk for developing breast cancer compared to those who only wear bras less than 12 hours. Too long to wear a bra it can make the flow of lymph in the breast tissue is inhibited so that the natural cleansing processes in cells that are at risk of triggering cancer cell will not run smoothly. Some health experts said even if the women who do not wear bras usually have the lowest risk for developing breast cancer.

Exercising regularly will also reduce the risk of breast cancer is very significant. A study conducted at the University of South Carolina says if the exercise will make the circulation of oxygen becomes more smoothly so that the blood cells was better in removing the cancer-causing toxins from the body.

Noting food consumption is also a key to preventing the emergence of breast cancer. Women should be sufficient intake of vitamin D each day remembering her this vitamin is able to produce a kind of protein that prevents the development of breast cancer cells. In addition, multiply the consumption of vegetables like cabbage and broccoli so that levels of estrogen in the body is not so much that tumor growth can be prevented.

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