Six easy ways to cut calories

If you are an opponent of strict diets, but still want to get rid of a couple of extra kilos – enough to reduce the number of calories consumed. And make it very simple

You do not have to sit on a strict diet to get rid of a few extra kilos. But in order not to gain excess to the top of the bathing season, to begin to monitor the calories you need right now.

Six simple ways to reduce the amount of calories consumed:

1. Sugar
In summer you can quite happily do without sugar. Replace sweets, cakes and biscuits seasonal berries – is not only tasty, but also useful. With them you can make a full-fledged cottage cheese dessert, optionally adding a teaspoon of honey. The coffee instead of sugar you can add stevia, and learn to drink tea without additives (with time you get used to it and you will find it much tastier).

2. Fruit instead of juice

Replace glass of juice glass of water and orange – from this and greater benefits and fewer calories. In addition, the fruit pulp contains dietary fiber, which play an important role in digestion and in the life of the organism as a whole.

3. Replace carbohydrates proteins
Reconsider your menu and reduce the amount of carbohydrates, while increasing the proportion of protein. Thus, the daily intake of calories may stay the same, but you will notice a positive trend: proteins provide a feeling of fullness more quickly and for a longer period, besides their digestion the body expends much more energy.

4. A minimum of fat in the cooking process
With the advent of the dish with non-stick coating hostess had the opportunity to cook with minimal added fat, and even at all without it – it significantly reduces calories. More baked, mascara, boil – it is really tasty and very helpful. In addition, there are a lot of interesting recipes in the network, which will greatly simplify your task.

5. Eat more often, but small portions
Break the daily norm of calories for four or five meals instead of the traditional three. Arrange two snacks (so called lunch, and afternoon tea), which are perfect for fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese.

6. More often eat at home
When you eat in schools, you risk to eat extra calories, while in the process of cooking at home is much easier to control. You probably know, from what ingredients the dish is and automatically selects the cooking technology.

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