Spinach, Healthy Food For Brains

Spinach is a widely-known food is very healthy for the body. Indeed, the efficacy of spinach will not necessarily make us stronger body like Popeye eating spinach. However, the nutrients found in spinach will make our body become healthier, especially for our brain organ.

Health experts said if we regularly eat spinach, then we will make our brain 11 years younger so we would not be at risk for memory decline.

A study conducted by Martha Morris and her team from the Rush University in Chicago, USA, and involving at least 950 older people with an average age of 81 years for 10 years. Data from the parents is examined every year by carrying out 19 types of special tests. This test alone will determine whether there is the impact of food and beverages consumed daily affect brain health of participants.

Results from this study is that participants who tend to like to eat spinach at least once to twice a day will have a cognitive brain function that tends to be maximum. Morris even mention if regularly consuming spinach, then the participants who are already old is likely to prevent cognitive decline so well that they will be better in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Morris said if green vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients like lutein, folate, beta carotene, and vitamin K that will be very good in protecting and maintaining the cognitive function of the brain. The nutritional content is what will make those who like to consume spinach avoid the problem of premature senility. In fact, it is known if the consumption of spinach can make our brains become 11 years younger.

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