Styling a Maxi Dress: How to Guide

These first days of fall are pure beauty – warm, cozy and totally affordable maxi dresses. It is a day cemented in photographic memory forever, so the pressure to the look right can be immense. No wonder most women feel overwhelmed looking for the right maxi garments, especially if a traditional gown is not on the cards. The weather is still heating up and you will undoubtedly enjoy the chance to wear the latest items from your spring or even summer wardrobe.

Some say: what a woman chooses to wear to an event – it is the toughest decision ever made. Luckily, there are tons of outfits – both past and present – that you can take inspiration from if you do not want to go down the traditional route. Whether you want to forgo maxi dress that has dark colors or you prefer bold colors, or even neutrals – we have come up with a few tips and high street suggestions to help you get started. All you have to do is trust us and then pull some of your wardrobe outfits or do some shopping!

Boho-Chic Goddess

These are the last days for you to step out in a number of bohemian inspired looks since the weather is still slightly warmed up and is time to look at your wardrobe collection and pull an outfit out. You can attend nearly any event except for the one that is of formal theme. Wearing a maxi dress of this kind will add modern touch to your appearance without distracting from the vibe. To rock a bohemian babe looking style match your outfit with a statement making heels that will keep the rest of your look simple and streamlined. You will look incredible in a semi-sheer floral frock, and the V-neck black and white patterned boho attire is vintage inspired and featured two black stripes across the skirt and long sleeves.  Elegant ensemble: Pair it with brown heels and a small clutch.

Floral For Effortless Elegance

Choose this style and you will look effortlessly elegant in a floral gown. Perhaps no garb is better suited to a fall, spring or summer wedding guest than a pretty floral one! Floral garments are not only lovely and full of a color, they also are easy to accessorize! Just pick up on one of the colorful details and go from there. Floral dresses are great for weddings, because there is a good chance the print you pick will be unique – not worn by either another guest, or the wedding party. They also are perfectly suited to bridal brunches, bridal showers as well as rehearsal dinner. The florals are always the best choice and exist to make you sparkle, but you must always be careful with the heel or accessory choice.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Somewhere between pink, orange, peach and red, there is the delightful color of coral and coral gowns make great, festive wedding guest outfit choice. This color might also work for a bridesmaid garb, and they will certainly work for anyone wanting extremely beautiful garment for a bridal shower or party! Styling hint: coral attires look great with turquoise and gold. Check out your closet and rock this sweet color because the clock to warmer days is ticking up! No matter where you will wear it, one thing is for sure – coral is a lovely color! Neutrals are great choice for events that are held outdoors and we are thinking – garden, vineyard or in some cases beach happenings. We think that are the most suitable for baby showers, you cannot possibly go wrong with pastels.

The Dark Goddess Rises

Just take a look at the beautiful shades of dark colors and you are instantly a fan. They are all beautiful, calming shades that remind of mystery and the darkest night of silence. If you are not getting prepared for an affair you are attending, you can wear these shades and make a hell of an appearance. You can wear them as a bridesmaid or special stand-alone maid of honor long attire. Feel free to select accessories that have that pale silvery-gold look with pave touches.  For a slightly laid back style, you can put a long necklace with this and dangling earrings. However, they would also be perfect for a fall or winter formal event. Just make the earrings classy and add a shorter and more ornate crystal necklace and you are ready.

Always Daring in Bolds

A bold color is always an excellent choice, especially for a happening that is semi-formal or any other kind of event since the strong shade will make you the most noticeable of all at the affair. Women who wear it usually give the picture of being full of energy, reckless and daring. They want to shine and catch everyone’s eye with their appearance. Wearing bolds also boosts your confidence which can have positive results about how a woman feels about herself and has a change of winning the night. It is like you are always ready for action and you will look seductively and you won’t have to even try to do it. Wearing strong colors often makes you feel powerful in the room and is a great change from all those for some women – boring pastels and neutrals.

The beautiful fall temperatures and the festive feel of the season makes in highly likely that if you are attending an occasion during this month, either the ceremony or reception, or often – both –  will be held outside. Whether it is held in a garden, at a winery or at a restaurant, for any sorts of events, you will need an outfit that is comfortable to wear out in the sun without wilting and elegant and elevated enough for formalities. Hopefully you will like some of the above recommended garbs, so it is your pick! How would you style your outfit for an informal event?

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