The Best Way To Reduce Stress For Busy Working Women And Moms

Women in the modern world are stressed. This is an obvious statement, but it is a factual statement. Everyone can agree that women are stressed out, over-worked, off-schedule, and over-burdened.


While many do agree that this is the case, there are not many solutions for these issues. For example, anti-depressant medications and anti-anxiety medications offer temporary relief at best, and at worst may actually increase the symptoms when not using the medication.

So many women have asked, what is the solution? How can you feel less stressed, get more done, and have a better quality of life?

One possible solution is provided by Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy: mobile massage. Mobile massage is where the massage therapist comes to your home, setting up a quiet, relaxing environment in the room of your choosing, and provides soothing therapeutic massage.

One of the most well-known benefits of massage therapy is its ability to decrease stress. This stress-reduction, fortunately, is also cumulative. This means that it increases with subsequent massage sessions. So, if a busy woman started today to receive massage therapy in her home, and continued to do so each week for several months or years, she would notice a long-term reduction in her perception of stress.

A study published in the Journal Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine in 2012 showed that measurable markers of stress, such as adrenocorticotropin hormone and nitric oxide, were significantly reduced in the bloodstream following massage therapy. The “love hormone” oxytocin was increased at the same time, in measurable amounts in the bloodstream.

Other studies about massage and stress have shown that the perception of stress is reduced, and this was often ascertained by questionnaires and interviews, a subjective marker. Objective markers of stress, such as the blood tests referenced above, are more reliable since they are measurable with scientific instruments and are thus duplicatable.

An article published in Body Sense, the magazine of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, titled “Massage Multiplied,” speaks of the cumulative effects of massage therapy on stress. According to the authors of Introduction to Massage, a textbook for bodywork therapists, frequent sessions of massage therapy reduce the accumulation of stress. The authors also state that, “The benefits of massage are cumulative.”

All of this is great news for those busy women looking to reduce the stress that accumulates over time, both from their time at work and their time at home. Many busy working women are also busy working mothers, whose workday is never actually finished, as they are the homework tutors, the car drop-off and pick-up service, and the meal preparer extraordinaire.

With all of these activities that are part of her day, it is not wonder that today’s women are stressed. There is not much time left in her schedule for what has been called “me-time.” Without any downtime, or time to de-stress, do nothing, and just relax, stress will accumulate over time, having deleterious effects on both body and mind.

Massage therapy, especially when received in the home, is the easiest addition to the extreme schedules of the modern woman. It is easy, can often be booked last minute, and, best of all, there is little for you to do. The therapist arrives and sets up the space, then you receive your massage, and the therapist leaves. During the time of your massage, the stress melts away, and multiple sessions help the stress to stay away.

Regular sessions of massage therapy at home may be the very solution the modern working woman has been looking for to reduce the amount of stress that she carries. Visit this website for help booking a session of massage at home.

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