The main rules of express diets

Express Diet – is stressful for the body, but if you really need to get into a dress, but for this we need to get rid of all of the two or three kilos, we can take the risk. the main thing – follow the rules, which we describe in this article.

Lose weight quickly and without harm to health can be, you need only follow a few simple tips.

The choice of diet

Particularly fast diet – low calorie. On average, our eating habits has about 2,000 calories on a diet also significantly reduced calorie and barely 1000 calories.

To date, developed diets are lots of options, each of which requires a specific diet. What kind of diet do you choose – not so important. The main thing that the system you choose meets the key rules.

Remember the squirrel

If the diet lasts up to seven days, it must necessarily include foods that contain protein: dairy products, egg white (protein can make omelets), meat, poultry and lean fish. Protein provides the body with essential nutrients and energy, so we can not exclude it from the diet.

Do not forget about the tissue

The three-day diet must include fiber. Sitting on one kefir or buckwheat for three to five days is impossible.

Laxation works by fiber, so must be present vegetables and fruits in the diet. But remember that fruits are encouraged to eat until dinner.

Observe mode

There should be every 3-4 hours, and express diets that rule should be followed strictly. Low calorie aggravates hunger, so there should be regular and in small portions. Otherwise, you will feel fatigue, dizziness and constant hunger.

Avoid monodiets

Mono-diet – is not only a shortage of nutrients, but also a serious psychological test.

Remember: for breakfast definitely need to have a small amount of protein or complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal. At lunch, you can eat low-fat dairy product (yogurt or cottage cheese). Lunch – vegetables with meat snack – milk product again. For dinner, it is best to have a vegetable salad.

Completely eliminate sugar

Unfortunately for us, chocolate, honey, fruit express diets do not exist.

During rapid diet it is recommended to completely eliminate sugar and bread, as well as to limit carbohydrates. Only one fruit can leave. It can be a half of a banana or an apple, but not grapes, not persimmon, pineapple is not – there is a lot of sugar.


Green tea and herbal teas – the best solution not only for the duration of an express diet, but also on an ongoing basis. Catechins contained in green tea, stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat.

Remember that the body often confuses thirst and hunger. Therefore, before the meal must first drink a glass of water, and then decide whether you like it is, or not.

The main rule

Any rapid diet should end smoothly. During these days, you probably hated dropped two or three kilograms, but at the same time the body’s decreased production of liver enzymes and a pancreas. Therefore, immediately sit down at the Christmas table can not be – it’s a mockery of the internal organs and the figure, which quickly returns all lost, and take stock of the top.

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