This Breast Cancer Symptoms Often overlooked

One of the diseases that are very dangerous and deadly is breast cancer. Indeed, these diseases often affect women. However, that does not mean men are not at risk to experience it. Health experts said that many breast cancer patients are finding out if her cancer is due to underestimate the early symptoms of breast cancer such as the following.

Breast pain
Many think if the pain in the breast, especially in the area of ​​the nipple is trivial and will heal by itself. In fact, the nipples are sore and feel the pain when touched, especially when coupled with the release of the milky white liquid, this could be a sign of breast cancer should immediately consult a physician.

Coughs and colds that do not heal
Although classified as a mild disease, cough and runny nose that lasts for a long time indicates the weakness of the immune system that could be a sign of breast cancer. The same thing also be a sign if there is bruised purple or blackish continue to appear despite being treated. Immediately consult a doctor this condition.

Changes in the skin
Do you know if any of the signs of breast cancer is a change in skin texture like orange peel and increases the amount of skin pores. Not only that, we also can experience itching that continually arise and subside. This could be a sign of cancer cells that are forming tissue in the body.

Weight down or up drastically
One effect of the growth of cancer cells in the body is the increase or decrease in weight very quickly without any particular reason. Not only that, we also experience back pain that would not go away. It must be watched and sent to the doctor because it could be a sign of cancer cells growing in the body.

The characteristics of Breast Cancer Stage 1

Not only cervical cancer diseases are feared most women, but as well as breast cancer. Breast cancer or breast carcinoma is a malignant tumor that grows in the breast tissue. This type of cancer is usually experienced by women, but can also be experienced by men, although very rare.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2020 the number of breast cancer cases will increase. The frequency of cancer cases is relatively high in developed countries and is the most suffered from other types of cancer.

In Indonesia, breast cancer ranks second only to cervical cancer. For that, cancer is still a frightening specter for a number of women in Indonesia. So as not to get breast cancer, there are several ways to prevent it. You are advised to conduct inspections and eating some healthy foods to prevent breast cancer, such as salmon, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, pomegranates, and brazil nuts.

So what causes the occurrence of breast cancer that is often experienced by women? Reproductive factors may be the cause of breast cancer cells factors other than the use of hormones, especially hormone astrogen. In addition to the above two factors, fibrocystic disease, ionizing radiation, as well as obesity is taking an important role as a cause of breast cancer in women. The food also took an important factor onset of breast cancer, especially foods that contain preservatives such as borax, food coloring textiles.

The characteristics of stage 1 breast cancer:

A lump in the chest that judging is different from the surrounding area. And most important for the women, the lump did not leave pain in patients with stage 1 breast cancer.

Cancerous lump size of not more than 2 cm

Every woman can do tests to detect early symptoms of breast cancer a week after menstruation, a week after menstruation is very appropriate because at the time of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are at low levels. The hormones estrogen and progesterone control and influence large or small breasts. There are a few things to note:

  • Note the position of the breast with both hands above the head and then both hands on the waist.
  • Raise your left hand to the head.
  • Use the flat surface of the finger to palpate or press your breast and make sure to touch all parts of the breast. The pattern can rotate with the movement direction, movement up and down direction or directions in and out of the nipple area. Try to use the same motion every month.
  • Press each nipple gently and pay attention to whether there is a discharge.
  • Check the area between the breast and underarm and breast and sternum while lying down.
  • Repeat all the steps to bust right.

How about the characteristics of a woman in her breast disorders?

  • If the breast is pressed, it will exit the milky white liquid that is odorless but no pain arising.
  • Breast skin looks like orange peel, which constrict the pores of the skin rather prominent.
  • There are lumps which are always found when checking in the area around the breast or underarm.

Treatment Breast Cancer Stage 1

If you find any glitches or problems in the breast, then you should immediately consult a physician. Usually the doctor will do further tests such as breast ultrasound, if the result is still doubtful it will proceed with mammography to determine whether the tumor is benign or malignant.

This inspection should be performed at a young age of 20-30 years. But for women who are married, taking hormonal contraceptives, use silicone or plastic surgery on her breasts, should pay more attention to such examinations.

By knowing the characteristics of breast cancer stage 1 above, women should be more alert to signs that arise around the breast.

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