Top 10 healthy fast weight loss methods

Nutritionists tirelessly repeating that the rapid weight loss is fraught with health, but stable weight loss at a rate of 2-3 kg per month will help you get back in shape for the three spring months and appear on the beach in the best possible way.

Top 10 methods for healthy weight loss:

1. Drink water

Drinking water throughout the day and during meals promotes good digestion. For half an hour before a meal is recommended to drink two cups of water, then you will not be so hard to feel hungry and eat smaller portions.

2. Breakfasts

Never skip breakfast, if you want to lose weight. Skipping breakfast makes your body think it is starving, and then at lunch time you can not control yourself, which is fraught with overeating and all the unpleasant consequences that follow.

Even if in the morning you do not feel hunger, nutritionists recommend to eat at least a little bit of protein and fiber. As breakfast is perfect oatmeal, yogurt, toasted whole grain bread, eggs, vegetables, fruit.

3. Do not consume junk food for dinner

If you want to lose weight, forget about the fries and dumplings for dinner. The last meal (3-4 hours before bedtime) should be easy, otherwise the body will not have time to digest the food and she entered replenish your fat reserves. For dinner you can eat a piece of boiled chicken breast, fish, or turkey, supplementing it with a salad.

4. Replace the carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables

Focus on the use of vegetables and fruits, and indulge in carbohydrates. Fiber contained in products of plant origin, ensure the normal operation of the body, remove the feeling of heaviness and promote weight loss.

5. Cut out the sugary fizzy drinks

If you like to freshen up soda, then you should deny yourself the pleasure. The same is true of juices from the package. The use of sugar in liquid form greatly increases the number of calories consumed per day, which negatively affects your appearance. Clean drinking water and tea without sugar should become your favorite drinks while on the diet from time to time, you can treat yourself to a glass of dry red wine.

6. Do you want dessert? eat fruit

Replace chocolate and biscuits fruit, it is no less tasty, and it is very useful. Laugh about what is best to eat fruit in the morning and as a separate meal (immediately after the meal to eat fruit is not recommended). If you can not live without ice cream, the Freeze banana fields and its a small amount of dark chocolate, and apple pie can replace baked apple with cinnamon and raisins.

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7. Do not overeat

Remember that one of the main problems of weight gain – is the size of servings consumed. Somknite palm and eat as much food as they can fit in (this does not apply to salads with fresh vegetables and herbs that you can have basins). Learn to recognize the signals of the body in time and stop eating when you will feel satiety. So you can avoid overeating.

8. Falling in love with the sport

This does not mean that you should work in the gym until the last drop of sweat six times a week. Today there are many freely available programs for charging at home. Choose the most optimal for yourself and occupy four or five days a week for half an hour, and within two weeks you will notice the first results.

9. Do you want to have – do 20 sit-ups

Exercise reduces hunger. Our stomach as cunning and resourceful, as well as the brain. He may submit false signals that you will be perceived as a desire something to “throw in the mouth.” If more hours left before the main meal two, and the stomach is already required holiday – drink a glass of water and after 10 minutes, do 20-30 squats. This will reduce the feeling of hunger and help burn a couple of calories.

10. Healthy sleep

Sleep – the key to successful weight loss. An adult should sleep for 7-8 hours a day, otherwise violated mode and lost control of hunger. If you dine at 18 pm and sleep when it is going to go at 2 am, then there is a high probability that in 12 you will have to die of hunger and temptation to eat.

If you take into service a large part of the above-described methods and will follow the recommendations, then your weight will start to fall, and soon you will notice the first positive results. Spring is just around the corner, decide and act!

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