Wedding On the Cards? Here Are 5 Tips to Choose an Engagement Ring That Shows You Truly Love Her

Are you planning to propose to your beloved in the near future? Well, then you need an engagement ring that not only looks beautiful but also expresses your true love for her. The engagement ring that you slip onto her finger should be special and unique so that she wears it with pride. Needless to say, the engagement ring should make her smile each time she looks at her finger and thinks of you.


Choosing the right engagement ring can be quite perplexing for men. Men are rarely experts on women’s rings and go into the situation blind. They have a general idea that engagement rings are meant to include a diamond and cost a fortune, but this is a myth perpetrated by some in the diamond ring industry. Really, the perfect ring can be anything that shows you understand the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with and it’s a reflection of that commitment to them.

Let’s quickly take a look at the top 5 tips to help you choose a ring that shows you really care.

The Right Ring Style

The right ring style is something that can be very hard to figure out. Do some homework to learn her preferred style. Taking a look at her day-to-day style might give you some hints of what she likes. While some girls prefer simple things, some adore a more modern style of living. Others love antiques and vintage accessories so would prefer a ring that accurately reflects this.

How about considering her dress style and the kind of décor and artwork she picks for her house? Indeed, this can help you a great deal in deciding the right ring style for your beloved and will certainly stop you from flailing around in the jewelry shop when you’re presented with hundreds of options.

The Right Gemstone

As the old adage goes, “diamonds are a woman’s first love”. So, choosing a diamond for the gemstone can be an ideal way to express your love for her and is a relatively safe choice.

While diamonds dominate the wedding market, sapphires are also becoming popular amongst women. Not only are sapphires gorgeous but women love them for their uniqueness and individuality.


So, if your girlfriend is traditional, she may prefer a diamond gemstone. However, if she is not, she may want you to gift her a ring that doesn’t even have a stone and yet looks very beautiful with a relevant, romantic history.

The Right Shape

If you’ve decided on a gemstone, then the next thing to decide is the shape and cut she would like. The way a gemstone is cut makes the greatest impact on its beauty. While a round stone with a smart cut usually gives the best sparkle and is most famous, other shapes and cuts also compete in the gemstone market and can make your engagement ring all the more unique. The best thing is to visit a reputed jeweler to help you find the difference between common stones so that you can select the one you want and the one she’ll love.

You can try and be sneaky and bring up rings in conversation, perhaps when you’re both reading magazines in a coffee shop. You can discuss the type of ring or jewelry your mother or sister likes, for example, and hope for clues from your beloved. It’s a risky tactic, though, if you’re planning on a full-on surprise marriage proposal.

The Family Heirloom

There is a possibility that your family may have an heirloom piece (a special ring running in the family). Your girlfriend might be a fan of antique and vintage items and would love the idea of being proposed to with an heirloom piece. While it may give you sizeable cost savings, and it will also carry its unique importance and nostalgia. You can always choose a more fitting wedding ring before the big occasion if your beloved has something in particular in mind.

The Right Size

Last but certainly not least, the correct ring size can make or break the special occasion. Coming so far only to find out that the engagement ring doesn’t fit your bride-to-be can be very disappointing for both of you. So, take the guesswork out of shopping and bring along one of her existing rings to the jeweler for the correct ring size.

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