What vitamins are needed for women’s health

Many women try to look good as long as possible, but dieting and limited food often leads to a lack of vitamins. what products should be included in the daily diet of women ?

In order to permanently preserve youth and beauty, a woman requires a special set of vitamins. what vitamins are particularly useful for women’s health, and in what they are contained ?

Vitamin E – its favor say all the experts and dermatologists. Firstly, vitamin E promotes skin elasticity, the normal amount of moisture in all cells, combats aging processes. It is from this vitamin depends on the appearance of your figure, as he is responsible for the metabolism.

Vitamin E is contained in walnuts (can use no more than five units per day), almonds, wheat and sunflower oil (better to use as part of a salad).

Vitamin D is skin gets along with uniform and light tan, that is, through the sun’s rays. It can also be obtained from foods of animal origin: offal (liver, heart), fish, eggs, chicken meat. It is this vitamin will help to keep your youth and beauty of the skin, since it is responsible for the regeneration of the (updated).

Overcome skin dryness and cracks irreplaceable vitamin A helps. It also improves blood circulation, restores sight, the female body increases efficiency and contributes to its purification from impurities. This vitamin is found in orange foods: carrots, apricots, pumpkin and chicken egg yolks.

Vitamin B – one of the five most important vitamins for women’s health, as it directly affects the nervous system. If this vitamin in the body is not enough, it is fraught with excessive fatigue, sleepiness, irritability, depression. To avoid such a state, it is necessary to consume dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt), as well as natural products and fresh meat (poultry, pork, lamb).

Vitamin C – its useful properties is not limited to an increase in immunity. This vitamin is responsible for the blood vessel walls, complexion, promotes rapid healing of the skin after burns. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, peppers, mango, currants, kiwi, etc.

Calcium, as everyone knows, is responsible for the hardness of the bone. Women – and give birth, and giving birth, it is important to constantly eat cheese and drink milk.

Vitamin F comes into contact with the vegetable oil, nuts, fish oil and avocado. It normalizes lipid metabolism in the skin, removes excess cholesterol, restores damaged hair and nails, but also helps to dump excess weight faster.

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