White Chocolate Benefits for Body

White Chocolate is perhaps one type of food that is confusing: the name chocolate, but it was white. Unlike the brown, chocolate brown and white is a derivative product that contains no cocoa solids.

In the manufacture of chocolate in general, cocoa beans as the main ingredient of chocolate-making experience a variety of milling processes to pulverization. In the process, some melted cocoa beans into a vegetable fat or cocoa butter, while some seeds that did not melt will disintegrate into powder. Well, this cocoa butter form the basis of making white chocolate which will then be mixed with milk, sugar and a little salt.

Overview of white chocolate

White chocolate itself is usually characterized by a pale yellow color and appearance of ivory. Due to not contain powder from the cocoa bean, white chocolate is not brown, bitter and contain antioxidant properties or characterization of materials such as chocolate in general. Nonetheless, any mixture of cocoa butter in the manufacture of white chocolate is made of white chocolate retains the aroma and taste similar to chocolate in general. This makes white chocolate remains classified in the group despite not having a chocolate flavor and brown color.

Popularity white chocolate has been widely spread to all parts of the world. Even in some countries the government has also issued regulations regarding the sale of white chocolate. As in the United States, since 2004 the obligatory white chocolate contains at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% total milk solids, 3.5% milk fat and not more than 55% milk or other sweeteners. Prior to 2004, companies in the United States actually require temporary license sale to sell white chocolate. EU governments are also adopting the same standards, but there are limits to the use of sugar or other sweeteners.

Usefulness Brown White

Like chocolate in general, white chocolate is used as an ingredient human consumption. Besides the white chocolate also has the following benefits:

  • A mixture of food

White chocolate can be used such as a mixture of drinks, baking and other chocolates made into ornaments.

  • As a gift

White chocolate can also be used as a gift for a loved one or beloved at special moments, especially on Valentine’s Day.

  • Other Basic Materials Manufacture Brown

Due to the basic color is white colored, white chocolate is also often used as the dough used to make chocolate with other colors to make it more attractive.

White Chocolate melts

Unlike chocolate in general, white chocolate is more difficult to melt. This is because the melting point of cocoa butter as a main ingredient of this white chocolate. The melting point of cocoa butter is quite high enough to keep the density of white chocolate at room temperature, but low enough to allow the white chocolate melts in the mouth. Well here are tips to melt the white chocolate that you can practice:

1. Double boiler
Steps melting white chocolate in a double boiler method is as follows:

  • Chopped white chocolate into small pieces
  • Boil water in a double boiler
  • Heat the white chocolate over water
  • When required, the white chocolate emulsion

2. Using Microwave
Steps melting white chocolate using the microwave is as follows:

  • Chopped white chocolate into small pieces
  • Adjust the microwave power, use moderate force
  • Heat the white chocolate in the microwave for about 30 seconds
  • Continue 30-second intervals to suit you

Here is the information which we can pass on white chocolate and its benefits. May be useful!

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