Yogurt Consumption Can Reduce Risk of Hypertension Problems Affected

Hypertension or high blood pressure problems, including health problems. How not bad lifestyle, particularly in terms of the lack of good maintain a diet and lack of exercise is a major cause of the problem of hypertension in the country.

If not handled properly, this high blood pressure problems can progress to deadly cardiovascular disease. Luckily, health experts said if we could lower the risk of hypertension problems in a way that favors, such as consume yogurt on a regular basis.

Yogurt combined with sliced ​​fruit can make us prevent high blood pressure problems effectively. In fact, if we consume five servings of yogurt a week, the risk of high blood pressure problems bias decreased to 20 percent. If women regularly consume yogurt, then the risk of various cardiovascular problems in organs also declined significantly.

From a study conducted at Boston University School of Medicine, found that those who regularly consume yogurt five times a week will reduce the risk of high blood pressure problems 31 percent lower when compared to those who regularly eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables , until the beans. In fact, decrease the risk of high blood pressure problems this could take place in the long term.

Health experts said if there is a possibility of bacteria contained in yogurt have a great influence on the problem of high blood pressure. Not only that, the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood can also be decreased significantly so that the risk of blockage of blood vessels that can lead to cardiovascular problems will decline sharply. In fact, this study shows interesting facts where the consumption of yogurt regularly can help us against the risk of osteoporosis.

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